How to get a 5 minutes de-tan with Spinz Sun Tan Remover

The sun does lot of damage to your skin.You may not wish to sunbathe but the strong and harmful UV rays, makes their way to your skin, especially your face and arms. You can cover your arms but covering your face becomes difficult and you end up having free "sun facials" that costs you your complexion.

In such scenario, how will you #BanTheTan?
Well, a lot of our readers have mailed us regarding doing a feature on best sunscreen with above SPF 50. Honestly, I am not a supporter of sunscreen, nor endorse the idea of using any sunscreen with SPF higher than 20. { this is my personal view, you can check with your dermatologist}. However, "sunscreen" as solution is quite popular in the minds of our respondents, when we asked them about their views on "dealing with sun-tan". A majority of them replied- using sunscreen with high SPF.

While the use of sunscreen and SPF grade is still debatable, sunscreen as a solution is known to be proactive. What if your skin is sunscreen sensitive [read allergic] like mine?
what if you still develop a tan in spite of using a sun screen?

While there are lot of home made remedies, a lot of us find them messy and time consuming affair. Alternatively, lets look at a remedy that is-

1) Quick and Handy
2) Easy 
3) Cost Effective
4) Easily available
5) Dermatological test
6) Gives Instant effect
7) From the house of Cavin care

Cavin care, a well known FMCG brand has recently launched- No Bleach, wash off cream which claims to give you Salon like Fairness in just 5 minutes-

Spinz Sun-Tan Remover
Spinz STR is a reactive approach to deal with unwanted sun tan on your facial skin. It is known to be suitable for all skin type, is dermatological tested and works within 5 minutes [as per brand claims].

It is based on a concept in use test among 200 volunteers conducted by an external research agency in Chennai and Delhi upon single application for just 5 minutes.

Haute Kutir Reviews Spinz STR
Spinz is a popular name in Deodorant category. When I was approached to try this brand, I was intrigued by the thought. Having it coming from Cavin Care umbrella, I gave my nod to try. The first thing I checked was- presence of SPF. Thankfully, it being the reactive [post sun tan] solution, SPF need not be there and that made a good difference for me.

1) No SPF!

The cream came in a white and violet labelled tube which reminded me of packaging of another product- Boro Plus. However, I liked the idea that brand did not spent much on "packaging" but the R&D and solution, worked out for me.

Simple Packaging, No foo-fraw!

While the product came, I was in middle of shifting my house and attending an interview call. Given the messy affair and time crisis, I could not manage to visit a salon or get into a home facial regime. The product concept ticked with me and after a small allergy test, I tried it out. My first reactions while applying were-

It is appropriately thick and need no mixing agent- can be applied directly to face from tube
It was mild fragrant, the fragrance reminded me of an old Emami Cold cream that used to come some decades ago in white plastic can.
It is non -allergic

I do not like bleaching my face but had to apply on insistence of my salon artist. However, I do believe in giving 1 to 1.5 months time gap between bleaches for minimum. Though remembering dates is not easy for me. So the "no bleach" came in handy for me. It was easy to apply, cause no itching and was easy to wash off.

Easy to apply!

In three simple steps wherein-
Step 1- Take 9 gm or two finger length of the cream and apply all over your face
Step 2- Apply well, forming a thick layer on your skin and keep it on for 5 minutes
Step 3- Wash off with water

And hey lo! I was done. Suddenly I felt happy with this 5 minute grooming and in spite of my job interview getting cancelled, I wore the effects for the dinner with hubby.

Did he noticed? Indeed.

Post wash: The cream was easy to wash off and left a tightening feeling post wash. 

Will I use it again? Yes!

Haute Kutir Verdict- At rs 10 for a single use sachets, Rs 49 for 25 gm Tube, the product is indeed worthy of trial. Like in my precious post, I did mention that beauty need not come with price tag.  You are your best audience. Given that product is suitable for all skin types and can be bought in a sachet for allergy test as well, you can go ahead and try it. And hey do share your feedback with us here. We can take your feedback directly to the brand team. And you never know, the best feedback can win a Flipkart / Snapdeal voucher from Team Haute Kutir.

So what are you waiting for? Comment to day to win.

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Till then,
Be beautiful, Inside Out!
Haute Kutir


  1. nice review.... I must try it... :-)

    1. Sure sweets and let me know your feedback :)

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  3. sounds good for the price...might give this a try!

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