Axis FoodVenture with Haute Kutir: Dessert With A Twist

It is not for nothing that Stressed Spell Backward for Dessert. Like a good anagram is a great aphrodisiac for a word lover, a good dessert is aphrodisiac too. A good dessert is often a great stress buster and often a prelude for sweet beginnings. When life is not stereotyped, why eat a mundane dessert?

My Tryst with Fusion Food
Those who follow my blogs, know that I have a thing for fusion food. I love mixing two different varieties to amalgamate their unique taste and create something different, visually appealing and edible. The reason I created “Baigun Bhaja exotica” for Vikas Khanna and Sunfeast Noodles Pani poori for ITC Hotels.  When we can do so much with savories, why can’t we experiment with dessert?

Well, precisely the reason, I made Pasta Kheer and Custard Apple Gateau.

The Pasta kheer was an instant hit with kiddies in my vicinity and they loved it to the core. Children who shied away from having milk, ate this dish spoon to bottom, to the pleasant dismay of their mothers.

Here’s the Pasta Kheer that I am talking about.

It was a simple recipe that I created for a sugar-free and a Pasta Brand. You can read the details in my blog.
Dessert With a Twist
The concept of dessert is constantly evolving with fusion food and mix-match of Indo-western cooking styles. I do not have a great sweet tooth but I always appreciate a good dessert. I tend to skip my dessert if it doesn’t look or smell tempting enough.
However, there are few desserts that I discovered during my culinary journey so far, esp while reviewing some restaurants, and they stayed with me over and above the entire experience. Once such was

Hot & Cold Dessert
It all started in early 2000 with resort weddings that mixed and matched Indian Dessert with the most affable ice cream and turned plain Vanilla into a highly sorted after flavor. Yes, I am writing about the “Great Indian Dessert Fusion” that combined the hot Indian Dessert like Jalebi or a Moong Dal ka Halwa or Piping hot Gulab Jamun or rich Gajar Ka Halwa with cool as ice age Vanilla ice cream. The combo was deadly and super hit, especially in Lavish Indian Wedding Circuits.

My favorite is Hot Chocolate Brownie, a dessert that I rarely ever say no to. I even frequent places like Flags late in the night, only to have it.

Ummm, these food talks are endless and make me hungrier. While I was uploading this pictures, a sense of foodgasm prevailed and I am venturing into my Kitchen to bake one of my favorite desserts, that my friend shared her recipe with me.

Share Your Recipe to feature in Celeb Video
Talking about twisting desserts, watch this “twist in dessert tale” called “Mochi ice-cream”. If you too have some interesting recipes up on your sleeves, do share with Axis Bank and their #Foodventuresteam. It is very simple. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is click this link, share your recipe. You can stand a chance to feature in a video with the celeb chef Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghavi.
Bon Appetite

Do join me for my Food Tales with Axis Bank #Foodventures. If you are a Foodie or you love cooking, you can share your experience/recipe with us and I will be happy to feature you on my blog. Write to me at with the subject as “Food Talks with Haute Kutir”.









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