Affordable Beauty With Fair & Lovely Powder Cream

We all love to look good. Let's face it, people see your face first before seeing the purity of your heart or your inner beauty.

It doesn't matter what is your skin color, face shape, ethnicity is. What matters is how you conduct yourself and how well do you carry yourself. This post is largely about your facial looks and being the beautiful you.

Our skin type and daily makeup ritual
We all select different products basis our needs, comfort, skin type and awareness. If we have oily skin, we buy oil free/matt products and if we have dry skin, we look for cream based formula. Unfortunately, our skin is not as stereotype as this. Skin needs moisturization, skin needs to breathe too.

Girls need to look good too but makeup every day? Not everybody can do an elaborate makeup every day. Besides, makeup is not an end in itself, it needs articulation, it needs to touch up.

The Need of the Selfie Generation
Today's selfie generation needs a little more than just skin care. They wany to look good, ready for their next photo opportunity, anytime.

They all look for that one product that is-
1) Easy/Quick to apply
2) Affordable
3) #SetLookAllDay
4) Goodness of Cream and Matte look of Powder

In short, they are looking for- Affordable beauty with goodness of Powder and Cream

Popular brand Fair and Lovely recently launched a new product called "Fair and Lovely" powder cream. Pre-Launch, they invited a group of 14 bloggers [including Haute kutir] for an exclusive preview and "try it yourself" rendezvous at Bungalow no 9 earlier this month. I am not a fan of fairness product per se nor do I like to invest my time in an elaborate "makeup" regime. However, there is a huge population including my readers who are interested in fairness products. Hence, it made an interesting proposition to check it out.

#FALPowderCream Rendezvous at Bungalow no 9, Mumbai
It was a rainy, sleepy Sunday morning. Not an ideal day for work but definitely an ideal way to engage, discover, interact. We were greeted with pink roses and white Tiara at the Pink and White themed venue [FAL brand colors]. Post the initial interaction with the brand and product team wherein they discussed this idea and their "yet to be released" new campaign. Check it here.

The day then proceeded with some playful games and "try it yourself" product trial session. To have a better comparison, I wiped off the mousse from one side of my face and applied the cream there. The cream was- Easy to absorb and needed little quantity only. 

Different Strokes for different folks

Let's face it, we all love looking a shade fairer as long as that does not end up as an obsession. There are people who love looking fair and there are people who love tanned look. Some of us while there are people who like to look fair, some likes to look tanned, there are also people who like to look fresh and ready all day long with least efforts, affordable cost. 

For the 3rd category, Fair and Lovely's this new product may come handy and worth a trial. I carried it with me on my travel trip to save the time and space in my suitcase. 

It is a cream based formula that claims to give you a fresh, matte look all day long.  

The 40g tubes cost Rs 115/-

No doubt beauty is skin deep. However, with a little attention to our face, we can work on how we look externally as well.

with #FALpowderCream you can #SetLookAllDay

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