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My Nail Story
Let me confess, I was [err still am] an inveterate nail biter who used to derive some kind of nail-gasm biting my finger nails. You may accord that trait to lack of calcium, an overloaded stress system, however for me, it was the pure habit. The Irony was that I used to have all the lovely nail paint shades, hues, and range in my dresser from brands across the globe but I would barely have any nails to paint as my nail size would never exceed beyond the finger top. So much to the nail chewing till the last possible mile.

Not that I cared much. I grew up a very footloose kind of person who loved makeup but not much on self. Simplicity had always been my signature statement as I would find that convenient, highly wearable and natural to me. It is like I blog about fashion but that doesn't necessarily mean wearing all kinds of cloths, posing and getting my pictures clicked. After all, a doctor need not be patient you see.

Not that I never desired to have those long, well-polished nails like a lot of people around who will get up with a nail paint and sleep with another. For me, hygiene and convenience are more important. More often I would end up scratching my face with my own nails, giving fodders to people's unruly imaginations. However, I was fascinated with the nail arts and in spite of some repeated attempts, I could not manage to grow or sustain all my nails longer and in the same size for a befitting nail art. 

How I worked it out: Nail Gym 
My nail biting and "I care a damn" habits lead me to chipped or broken nails. My attention to details was confined only to my work and personal hygiene and painting my nails were never a big priority for me. and then one day I decided to get some faux nails for a beauty shoot for Navratri Looks.

Officially, that was the first time that I took to gel or acrylic nails and much again my wishes, the beautician decided to make it little longer so as to suit the shooting needs. They looked lovely but the end of the day they were artificial and made me very uncomfortable. Next morning I called up the beautician and got all the faux nails removed from the right hand and for my left hand, I got them trimmed. It took some week to get in peace with them but it was accomplished

My faux nails chose to stay a little longer contrary to the suggested tenure of 1 week, they were my guest for almost a month or two until they started coming off naturally or with a friendly push from my side. In spite of looking glam, the faux nails did another good thing was to bring down my habit of chewing nails or restricted it to my right hand only.

And then I Discovered Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator

This comes with ingredients like natural botanical, sea minerals, and Vitamins to re-hydrate and boost the growth of nails. This product provides instant hydration to the dry and brittle nails, and you will love the mild growth it brings on your nails.

How to Apply: After washing my hands, I apply at least two coats of this activator at the front, from the bottom to tip and also at the back of my nails. You can also use it on top of your nail paints. Post application I rub them with fingers so to allow it to penetrate deeply into my nails.

It is odorless and I loved the texture. I got it for Rs 775/- long back [13ml]

Nail and Hand TLC with Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Nail Growth Activator earned its place in my vanity bag and is my favorite nail product, I loved the brand so much that I have teamed it with the Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticles creme. Its a "hand and nails" cream that softens hands, smoothes cuticles and also claims to strengthen the nails. An all rounder kind of creme. I bought this at INR Rs 775/- for 99.2g and used scantily thus far.

How to apply: Squeeze a tiny portion from the tube, apply as needed and then massage fingertips to wrist and then concentrate to cuticles.

Off late, I have got thirsty, rough hands and guess this will provide all nourishment.

The creme has Vitamins- A,E,C, Grape seed oil, and Chamomile. It is totally non sticky and non greasy so far.

This NY brand has won me over and I heard they are No 1 in UK too. I am planning to buy Sally Hansen's 7 in 1 complete Nail treatment next. Heard among it multiple benefits that it also is good as base coat and the top coat, now that is a product that I am looking for.

So got a nail problem? Seeking some nail related suggestions/ advises/ tips/ tricks? Write to me at with a subject "#AskEkta" or tweet to me at @numerounity using hashtag #AskEkta


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