Swatches, Video and Review of Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks

New Enrich Matte Lipsticks from Lakme
Love Lipsticks, Love Lakme? Well, we too. Lakme launched [or relaunched] the new Enrich Matte Lipsticks in 20 shades. The shades as the name specified as Matte and are priced at Rs 295/ each. 

The lipstick comes with a clear, transparent tubes [with grey and silver undertones] and weighs 4.7 Gram each [just in case you want to know for any comparison]. We have tried the four shades viz- Orange Matte, Wine Matte, Red Matte and Pink Matte and shared our first impressions in video on our YouTube Channel-

About the Shades I tried
The radiant shades against the transparent-grey sleeves looked very colorful and cupcake like. I liked the vibrancy they oozed in my lipstick case. 

Initially, I loved the OM and RM but after repeat usage, I liked all of them. 

I have tried PM 11, OM 11, WM 10 and RM 13. Here's my take and how they looked on me-

PM 11 [Pink matte] - A most notable shade in Pink that's vibrant, popping and quite Barbie doll type. I loved the vibrant undertones and the matte effect that gives an illusion of a perfect bubble-gumish shade. 

RM 13 [Red Matte] - This beautiful Red Matte has more of Carmine tones to it. It is deep, Rustic and quite non-flashy shade. I found the shade akin to the "Rustic Red" shade from Lakme's Gloss Addict. 

OM 11 [Orange Matte]: If you think Orange is not your colour, think again as Orange and Coral is in-vogue. The OM is subtle and more of a "portland" orange kind of shade than the burnt sienna that I initially felt. 

WM 10 [Wine Matte]: It is a beautiful color that is deep yet subtle, bright and purple. Go for it, it will add a certain grace to your face.

What we Loved about it
1) The colours are vibrant and well pigmented
2) They are absolutely Matte [Flat but not very creamy]
3) It has Vitamin E and Olive Oil extracts that prevent lips from chapping [brand claims and it holds true as far as lips non-drying is concerned]
4) The transparent packaging is adorable as it helps in identifying the right shade to match your skin tone, makeup and dress with no further ado or confusion
5) The names are simple and easy to remember/ recall/ refer/ shop for
6) They may not be creamy but they are smooth
7) Spreads evenly and two coats are sufficient unless you are auditioning for Cruella Deville's role in 101 Dalmatian part 2
8) Staying power is good. say about 3-4 hours
9) The price is super affordable and if marketed well, it will lead the wallet share.

What could have been better
1) The smell is bit old world and "crayon-ish". However, it is not such a big put-off.
2) Though the shades are easy to remove, but some shades like Red matte may leave some colour/ stains on the crease and fine lines.

Lakme Enrich Satin v/s Lakme Enrich Matte
When we said "relaunched" we were inferring to the Enrich Satin Range by the same brand which was earlier packaged in a classic maroon tube, and later one transformed into transparent packaging same as Enrich Matte. 

We tried the lipsticks and here's our observation thus far. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: I liked all the 4 shades that I tried and would love to try more. Given the product value and price point, it is a killer proposition by Lakme that will make their competition sit up and bite their nails. The lipsticks are affordable, beautiful and are a great choice for bridal trousseau  and gifting as well. Go for them!

Haute Kutir Rating: 4.5 / 5 

So, tell us your favourite shade and do watch out for our giveaways!

Be Lip Happy with Lakme,

PS: sponsored products, reviews are own/unbiased

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