The Goodness of Ayurveda in Medimix Essential Herbs Face Wash

Love, Monsoon, Tea Parties, and Pimples
Come Monsoon and your kitchen fill up with the aroma of cardamom-ginger tea, Spicy Indian dishes like Bhajiyas, Pakode, and chips. Last weekend, on my birthday, I organized a tea- fritters Madhatter party at a rooftop restaurant in Mumbai for some of my Tea-totaller friends who shared the same interest. We had a bouquet of fritters and rain day snacks especially for one of my closest friend Alessia who loved "onion rings" to her life. 

I was surprised to see the otherwise foodie Alessia, biting mostly on the roasted peanuts and having green tea. On probing her I learnt that the otherwise Cheerful and street food fanatic Alessia was battling one of the biggest problem of beautiful girl's life- Not boyfriends but pimples.

Alessia's otherwise pretty face had off late become a playfield for pimples. It is not that she had not tried to fix it up. She has used almost every product in the book and drugstore but none helped her restore her "once upon a time- a dimpled smile that was now a pimpled smile". 

She tried home remedies that helped her to a great extent. However, given the fast-moving life in a city like Mumbai left her with a little time to indulge in those rituals on a daily basis. As a result, she stopped using makeup of any kind, stopped eating her fav food completely and what I could sense a sense of complex in her otherwise cheerful countenance.

Time to Try out the New #MedimixAyurvedicFaceWash
I was reminded of this newly launched face-wash tube in my bag that a friend of mine had sent me recently for a review. It was the time for a real consumer review I felt and handed over that tube to Alessia.

Alessia and I have tried Medimix soaps in past as our "try it all" exploration hence the brand name was not new to her. At first, she wanted to dismiss it off as just another product but when I told her that it is- Paraben Free, Soap free, and has eco-friendly ingredients like- Aloe, Manjistha, Haridra, Nimba among other core ingredients, her eyes lit in excitement. For her, it was "Ayurveda in a Tube" sans the mess and the hurdle. I handed the tube to her.

Her next question was if it would suit combination skin like hers.
I told her that the product is "suitable for all skin types".

She read the blurb on the tube which says- Medimix is an Ayurvedic Face wash that helps the skin to battle the environmental toxins all through the day. The face wash has a unique blend of Neem, Aloe Vera and Turmeric that gently cleans and rejuvenates the skin, keeping it clear and pimple free. The face wash also has -

1) Divine herb Lodhra that reduces skin inflammation
2) Manjistha that enhances skin texture
3) Haridra i.e. Curcuma Longa which is one of the best blood purifiers and helps fighting skin disease. You know it by name Turmeric or "Haldi".
4) Aloe Vera Aka Grhit kumari that calms the skin and makes it healthier
5) Nimba AKA Neem that is one of the best purifiers and widely used for its antibacterial properties.

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All Good things does not comes with a Price Tag
She wondered with all these goodness, if this face wash is super expensive and when I told her that it is just Rs 60/ for 50 ml tube, her mouth was opened in shocked. I took that as a good opportunity to place an onion ring in her mouth. I told her that the product has trust from "House of Cholayil"who pioneers in skin care products by combining the properties of ayurveda in a daily life products. 

Where to buy from

Alessia gave me a smirk and rushed to restaurant's powder room to try this face wash. Her first experience was good. She felt a healing, soothing and relaxing sensation on her face. It is a gel based face wash that do not foam much as it does not contain soap. however, you can smell the herbal concoction but I find it soothing and not too heady for my nostrils. 
Given the fact that it was an Ayurvedic Recipe entrusts the belief that even though it may not work miracles over night, it will not detriorate it further.

I met her after a week and could see some visible difference on her face. She was happy with face wash and it has become a holy grail for her. The tube is slender and travel friendly, that means she can carry it in her purse to her office and client meetings too.

However, do remember that pimples are great by product of your blood impurity and eating habits too. You must take care of your diet and maintain a healthy beauty regime. If nothing, ensure that you wash your face twice a day.

Hope you liked my review. Do let me know if you have tried this product and what has been your feedback so far?

PS: I am going to share my top 5 face wash soon. let's see if this figures in that list. Stay tuned to my Youtube Channel, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

Medimix also has a Anti-Tan variant i.e  Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash with Tanaka. I just cannot wait to try it.

Be beautiful,
Haute Kutir

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