5 Tips to Keep Your Home Happy & Healthy This Monsoon

It is Monsoon time and where there is rain, there will be moisture, seepage, and other problems. In monsoon, it is not just our skin or our hair, but our homes face a great risk from the unruly weather conditions. Hence, it becomes imperative to not just identify the monsoon-related problem but to nip them in the bud.

What are these issues? And how could you keep your home protected from them? Well, read more to know more.

Common Construction Issues during Monsoon

The three things that you should be mindful and watchful are best summed up as-

Cracks | Stains | Sparks

Here's how they pose a threat to your beautiful abode and how can you identify them to mitigate the risk and Keep your Home Healthy and Happy.

5 Tips to happy and healthy Homes

1) Tame the risks of Electrical Sparks: Electrical spark or fire hazard could be a serious threat. Before the onset of monsoon, get your house' electrical connections thoroughly checked and fixed in case of any loose wires or unsafe plug condition to keep fire hazard at bay. If you see a spark even after that or have a slight feeling of shock, get the wires checked and rectified.

2) Wall Happy: Tame the Creepy Crawly Cracks. Cracks are inevitable but a good news is they can be fixed. Check for the cracks and anything that exceeds width more than 1/4 inch, fix them up using waterproofing acrylic, cement orPolyurethane. If the cracks are big, get them filled to avoid rain water seeping inside.

3) Attic Happy: A small stain here or a small drip there is fine. however, if its constant, get your attic checked as it may signal a probable issue/damage in the roof. We all know how a leaky roof can disturb your house. It is like an umbrella or a cap over our head. If the umbrella has holes in it, it loses its utility.

4) Wood Safe: If you have wooden flooring and furniture, they need extra caring in monsoon. The high moisture in the air leaves a bad impact or swelling in the wood especially doors. Ensure that you polish or wax them properly to safeguard. Store some neem leaves or camphor balls in your wooden wardrobes. When I can't find them, I use gloves to keep the insect at bay.

5) Well- floored:  Excessive rainwater may make your floor and stairs slippery and dirty. A happy home is not just about clean indoors but is also about clean and hygienic outdoors. Keep the common area cleaned and devoid of mosses and moulds. Use anti-skid tiles with lesser gaps

Well, these were the top 5 issues that our homes face in monsoon and tips on keeping them in check or say rain-checked. We all know that "Healthy" Homes are the "Happy" homes.

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