Five Tips to Sail through a Bad Hair Day

Hey, women, Hair is your crowning Glory. Play with it, design it, decorate it and flaunt it. 

Tell us what breaks your heart most? Let me list few of them-

1) Hair-fall - The biggest of them all!
2) Dandruff
3) Rough and Dry Hair
4) Hair Thinning
5) Endless list...yeah!

You are lucky if you have no Hair problem. However, that is rare and no matter how much we wish that you do not have any hair problem, we all know there is something that we cannot escape and that is "Bad Hair Day".

Bad Hair Day
Oops, it just ruins your best mood, best outfit and that special date that you have been dreaming about. Never mind, for we have some awesome suggestions up our sleeves that can help you sail some of the customary bad hair days with easy quick fixes.

Here are five tips that can help you combat those bad hair days. We are pretty sure you will love trying some of them otherwise too.

1) High bun or Ponytail: The hair looks too uneven to leave them open? Well, tie them up. Take a paddle comb, pull down and backcomb your hair. Now hold them up and tie in a ponytail or a bun to suit your dress and occasion. You can take away the undue attention by smartly placing a good-looking hair accessory and, Voila you are done!

2) Caps- On: Go for headgears like hats, caps, bandana and more. Invest in some funky, smart and suave caps. It will not just help cover the bad, unruly fall but will also up your glam quotient. Darn, it is not a casual approach but by selecting a right cap/hat you can wear it to your most fashionable parties as well. 

3) Hair Extensions: When you cannot win them, confuse them. Yes, this management principle works beautifully with your hair. Time to throw some cool hair accessories, beads, braids, extensions and more. Grab some hair extension in a fusion of colors- Orange, Purple, Indigo, Green and Go funky, Go Bohemian

4) Braids for Dry Hair: So your hair looks extreme dry? Hmmm, turn it into your advantage. Braid them up from fringes to the crown and secure them with a clip. Finish the look with some shine spray. Do not worry for the hold, the dryness in hair will do that effectively. 

5) Wet Look for Oily Hair: You may feel your hair too oily but do not have time to wash them. No problem, try out a wet look instead. This works wonders for oily hair and can transform that dull hair into sheen, glam within few minutes.

Recently, Sonali Bendre wore this hairstyle to Oriflame Novage Launch event in Mumbai-

If you have over the top frizzy hairs and planning for a hair smoothing, do check our post on- 10 THINGS ABOUT HAIR SMOOTHING TREATMENT THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

Remember Hair is your crowning Glory, keep it beautiful and HAUTE!

Haute Kutir

Photo Credits: Magpietales, 2, Buyhatshat, Amazon

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