Buy A Shapewear and Stylish Petticoat for Saree By Zivame

Love wearing sari but hate that clumsy petticoat?

Found that sexy gown you have always looked for but finding it too sheer to dress?

Want to showcase your Hourglass figure wearing a sari?

I too have undergone the same dilemma over time and again and no matter how much I love wearing a sari, I have not come to terms yet with that traditional petticoat that is mandatory to be worn under a sari. I have got so pissed that I even tried wearing a sari over my denim. Yes, you read it right. I have actually worn a sari over my Levis so that I can have free movement while walking, climbing car seats and stairs. However, that ain't any practical or long-term solution to our petty petticoat woes.

Sari and evolution
Its is interesting to see the way sari has evolved or being evolved over the period of time. The whole 9 yards have got a different meaning with custom made, semi-stitched or full stitched sari. As the time changed, the sari changed and even the fabric of the petticoat changed but the design. The design is still a round shape stitched long skirt with a big string to tie at waist. The blouse moved from backless to noodle straps to corsets, but the petticoat remained the dark horse and in fact, one of the most neglected partners of a saree.

And please fish-cut petticoat is not an innovation but a duckling nightmare and unless you are ready to hop, skip and jump in your saree, do not go for one.

I was having this petticoat nightmare and apparently like all the good old telepathy works, there came Zivame with their revolutionary new shapewear!

Introducing Zivame Saree Shapewear

Zivame- India’s leading women’s lingerie and E-commerce brand apparently heard our Petticoat woes. They have recently introduced a one-of-a-kind revolutionary product in the Shapewear category- "Saree Shapewear"

Here's how it looks like-


This might look like a regular fish cut skirt to you. So here are few features that will help you visualise and understand better-

Zivame Saree Shapewear aims to provide you-

- Broad and soft waistband for hassle free/ string free saree tucking

- Aims to Shapes and tones thighs and legs 
- Compression panels around buttocks, shapes hips and love handle with its tube to A -line cut 
- Mermaid fit by toning down the length
- Flexibility to be worn under sarees, fitted gowns and long skirts

The product is priced at Rs 1495/- and comes in 5 different colours- Black, White, Red, Beige and Blue.

It is not a one size fits all product but it comes in different sizes from Small, Medium, Large, XL to XXL, to suit different body types. Here's a quick size guide-

The Multi purpose shapewear #Fashion #MustBuy

I have selected one in Black colour and going to team it with my long satin night kurta or any of my saree in a dark colour. It is very easy to slip on and rests your predicament of tying a normal petticoat using that painful drawstring that leaves a mark in your tummy.  The long slit at the bottom of the shapewear facilitates your movements and gives you enough leg space or comfort even while you are driving or planning to sit on the floor. The fabric is soft and lightweight. You can wash it at home [preferrably handwash] and avoid ironing or bleaching. 

You can also wear it underneath your night/ day gown [understanding the dressing pattern by different classes in India] or you can easily double it for your sari in the day and evening gown. 

Do remember it is just a fashionable shapewear that enhances your existing shape, and not any alternative to exercising or slimming solution. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give the new Saree Shape wear by Zivame a hearty try. Who knows if it becomes another staple or #MustHave in your wardrobe. 

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