Being Juliet: Review of the New Period Subscription Box in India

Subscription Boxes in India
The subscription box businesses had taken wings in India. We have different subscription boxes in beauty [My Envy Box, MSM box, Enchantess, The NaturesCo and Fabbag] to Bling boxes to Lifestyle Box [Sugar Box] to Gourmet boxes. Joining the race in an altogether and a unique way of its own are the Monthly Period Subscription Boxes.

The period subscription boxes is a sure shot winner of a concept [even though it is another idea exported from the west] and had a liberty of combining Beauty with Sanity and lifestyle to ensure definite consumer. To say it in a better way- it adds "sanity" to the prevalent subscription themes of Beauty, Gourmet and Lifestyle with the unique potential it has to offer.

After all, whether we buy new makeup or not, but sanitary is an "impossible to ignore" necessity that all girls, women adhere by.

It is part of being a woman and hell no, who would not like to be pampered in those days of the month?

Being Juliet, the New Period Subscription Box in India

After seeing the concept of subscription boxes from the west getting replicated in India- like Birch box was replicated into Fabbag, Fancy into Sugarbox,  I was waiting for a national version of period boxes like Le Parcel, Period For Good, Bonjour Jolie, Cora in India. 

I am glad that the concept got replicated in/for India and we have"Being Juliet" as a period subscription box. 

About "Being Juliet" Box
It is a period subscription box that is available in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription modules. The starting price is Rs 1650 [for a 3-month subscription] and goes up to Rs 6600 [for an annual subscription]. You can read more about them on their website- Being Juliet

It promises to send you, your monthly supplies at least 5 days prior to your menstrual cycle. 

The contents of the box: The supplies include- Sanitary like Pads/ Digital Tampoons/ panty liners + Gifts.

What's Inside My Being Juliet, September Subscription Box

Before I talk about the contents, let me tell you how it works. The box like I mentioned above is divided into 2 parts- Sanitary wear and Gifts. The former can be customised depending on your preferences and available options on their website. The latter is opinion oriented, based on a small questionnaire that comes in the mail once you have subscribed to the box.

You can select up to 20 pieces of sanitary essentials depending on your preference, followed by your period dates/duration details. At this point, they will determine the date for the arrival of your first box. In the 3rd and final step, you need to select your subscription duration and checkout for payment.

Here are the contents of my Being Juliet Subscription box

1) Sanitary Essentials: Being a true Whisper survivor, I ordered the essentials from them plus some panty liners just to ascertain the quality of the offering/ products. I have deliberately selected one pad from good Carefree Normal to check if the design remains same or had been changed over years. The design was same old, fresh and soft. However, it came without a belt. So if you still use Carefree, you must know what not to expect.

It was a personalised selection and it came in the mint fresh packaging.

2) Pain Reliever of the Month
a) A small bottle filled with Ajwain [carrom seed]
b) A Sachet of the Herbal Tea from "The Kettlery"

The concept wise it is a good thought. However, I have my own supplies of ajwain so I was unsure of the usage but that bottle makes it easy to carry option while travelling. 

The tea looks good and the brewing technique is mentioned in detail in the letter that came along with. Good concept.

3) Beauty Essential
a) Mitti Se, Powdered Shampoo and conditioner 
b) Evoke Eau De Parfum Ampule

The shampoo and conditioner came in a single sample size bottle that will last you for one head bath ritual. The good part is- it is a paraben and sulphate free product and had all the ingredients listed on the label.

The perfume ampule is another good gesture. It has deep notes to it and I am gonna use it on my pillows before bedtime or for post-bath rituals.

4) Mood lifters
a) A beautiful Japanese Folding hand fan
b) Hokey pokey ice cream voucher

I totally loved the fan. However, I am not a very ice cream person so the voucher is not useful for me. I would have, instead loved a hair spa or body massage spa voucher ;)

I liked the concept overall and the execution was neat, fresh and lifestyle friendly. The subscription process is pretty simple and the follow-up mechanism is good too. The moment you place your subscription [pre-paid] or COD, you get a mail within 24-32 hours from their team regarding confirmation and gift selection process.

The box offers the customizable solution and has quality products. 

What I Did not like
Even though the website recorded my menstrual cycle details, the box was delivered almost 5 days post my schedule instead of the 5 days prior delivery commitment. You can blame their courier service- Blue dart for the inefficiency. 

I was outside for work when I received a call regarding the delivery and in spite of my multiple insistence to give to my friend in the same building, they refused by promising to come next day at the mutually agreed time. In spite of repeated calls they did not show up for almost 7 days plus quoting absenteeism as the reason. It was aaargh! You cannot skip delivering a customer courier just cause your employee is on leave. God forbid if the employee leaves the organisation, the courier may not get delivered at all. I believe the Being Juliet team need to check and fix this with their delivery partners like Blue Dart or First flight that are infamous for their irresponsible delivery. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: Overall, Being Juliet is an interesting concept and makes for a good subscription. The box has all elements to lift your mood up and It is a must try box. It may not have theme introductory options like HelloFlo or high-end Tamboon box like Cora but it is more like [inspired] Bonjour Jolie

So go ahead and try this box. Let me know your experience here. 

Would you have any query, do drop it in the Disqus comment box below. 

Stay Haute, Stay Healthy and Happy
Haute Kutir

PS: The Box was Sponsored, Views are personal and unbiased

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