New Video On Sugar Box Fashion Forward Edition: Unboxing & Review

The month of August was the onset of festivity, gifts and a month full of pamperings and shopping. I not just bought myself loads of clothes, New MacBook Air, Beauty & Lifestyle Products or even gifting an impromptu 3 days travel getaway to Chandigarh, I also indulged in trying some new subscription boxes for self. Teej and Rakhi shopping were the biggest excuses and I do not wonder why my bank balance is running in a diminishing graph! And my family thinks that July was the Overdraft.

We will talk about my finances at some other [read appropriate] time. Time is now to tell you about my new buy- SugarBox.

What is Sugarbox
Sugarbox is a theme-based monthly subscription box. They have a new theme every month wherein they will send a pre-defined, standard subscription box containing 4-5 beauty, fashion, Gourmet and lifestyle accessories. The cost of a box varies from theme to theme and time to time. The regular subscription boxes cost around Rs 1500 i.e. if you book it once the theme is revealed. It later changes into Rs 1900 once the shipping starts.

To know more about Sugarbox, do check their website.

Sugar Box Fashion Forward Edition
The theme for August Sugar box was- Fashion Forward. 

Though I ordered and received my box by 16th of the month and shot my video by 20th of the month, I couldn't manage to edit and upload the video until today. I was actually unhappy with my video and given the time and technical constraint [in-laws visiting, another impromptu trip to Dahanu, tedious editing, still figuring new video editing tool etc], I planned to re-shoot the vlog [which thankfully didn't work out]. Hence, after a strict Nike pledge [just do It] that I won't step unless I finish the editing and upload, I did it! I told myself that if I do not finish this by today, I will give my maid one-day additional holiday and do the dishes by myself, and that worked. Phew!

Better late than never, and better honest than being a false crowd pleaser, am up with my new #YouTubeVideo on my #YouTube channel.

Here we go-

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What Came Inside my SugarBox Fashion Forward Subscription box

Though I have entailed all the products on my video, once again here is the list of products that I received v/s my candid opinion on each of them-

1) White Faux Leather Backpack
I loved this bag and probably the reason I ordered this bag. Though the bag's exterior quality is not great, the product is mint fresh and looks cute. I have started using it including carrying it to Oriflame Novage launch in August. A big Yay!

2) Pony & Bear Keychain
Absolutely loved the design, colour and everything. It was truly a "delight" in the box!

3) Pink Pie Candies
Not fond of candies. So it is Nay for me.

4) Seduction set of 3 mini lipsticks
Loved the mini sizes, the pink shade looks amazing. I thought of doing swatches here but now am thinking about doing an independent post of them. What say?

5) Handmade Jewellery lacy Choker
The black lacy number looks good except for the quirky red kiss pendant that I am gonna remove and use. It is a Yay! 

6) Fashion Tshirt
It is a black colour mid length number with boat neck and "strap in sleeves" shoulder.  Check the video for the look. The Tshirt's print - Stressed, depressed but Well Dressed looks nice. However, the fabric is quite cheap in quality and could have been better. Though am glad that they chose to send a T-shirt over done to death scarf in this bag. 

7) Plastic Sipper
Though I could not stitch its relevance to fashion, the mug is an interesting piece of travel accessory that comes with an option to change the design by merely changing the cover paper. Good for carrying water, cold coffee or any other cold beverages as I do not advocate carrying a hot drink in a plastic, uncertified sipper. 

8) Quirky Pins
They are cute accessories and I will try wearing them as brooch on my casual outfits

Haute Kutir Verdict: The overall package was more of a street, casual and chic than being "Fashion-Fashion Forward". However, the trend forward is speculated to be more chic and bohemian and, if that happens, this fits the bill 7/10

Though I liked the products inside, I feel it could have been little sassier, more haute and could have rings, brooches, earring, eyewear than the mug. Nevertheless, the box was good overall and I do not regret buying it. My clear favourites are- the bag, the choker, the keychain, the pins, the lipstick..oh my God, that makes almost all the products :)

Do I recommend buying this Edition? Yes

Will I buy them again? Yes, why not?

VFM/ Value for Money ? At Rs 1500 it indeed is. However quality could have been better. Although, I do not understand the logic of escalating the price to Rs 1900 from 1500 post the shipping starts. If the products grab your attention, you may skip that too.

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Stay Haute, Sugars!

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