Celebrate #No1Yaari Meet and Greet Dhoni with Your Friends

We are born son, daughter, brother to someone. A Majority of our relations is purely established with our birth. However, there are few relations that we chose by ourselves. One such relation is  - Friendship.
Khalil Gibran has rightfully said- Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. 
While a lot of people come and go in our lives, few stays back stay forever. Those are the rare few who accepts us without any condition, they brave the test of time, rise above the opportune, sees us through thick and thin. They are our real friends and the friendships- #AsliYaari
Real friendship does not change with time, it rather evolves with time. McDowell's No 1 Soda truly believe in real friendships that is one of the finest taste of life and hence, you will see a lot of their initiatives revealing around real friendship or #No1Yaari, their new campaign featuring Cricket sensation and Yaro ka Yaar- MS Dhoni. 

Dhoni ki #no1Yaari
A true friendship truly evolves over time and stays true irrespective of what life may bring to you- Success or failure, family or career, business or pleasure. True friends may get temporarily distracted on the pretext of career, pressures and situation but are always available at the beck and call of their friends. Like the one India's most successful cricket captain MS Dhoni has with his friends- Chotu and Param Bhai. Want to know more about their friendship? 
Watch this heart touching video that signifies that true friends are real friends and how #asliyaari stands through thick and thin of time-

Before you may pass it as another commercial trick, I want to mention that this TVC is not just inspired by a true story but it is a true story. The friendship is real, names are real and so are the people.
This trio from Ranchi, have been together through thick and thin, and never resist celebrating their asli yaari at every opportunity they receive. Mahi [as Dhoni is fondly called as] and his friends have seen each other through all the hardships and successes and have always stood by each other’s side.

The #AsliYaari Contest
So if you too believe in #AsliYaari and love your friends, come celebrate #AsliYaari with Dhoni, and your friends. All you need to do is- take part in this lovely contest to win a fabulous opportunity to meet Dhoni. Who knows if you could win a chance to meet Dhoni with your real friends?
How to Participate
All you have to do is-
1) Comment on this FB video <link> by tagging your 2 friends to stand a chance to meet Dhoni with his tagged yaars [friends]
So what are you waiting for? Come join the celebration of brotherhood with McDowell's No 1 Soda Dhoni and his #No1Yaari.

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