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If there is one outfit that I cannot do without it, it is my pair of Denim. I am a Denim hoarder and have a pair in all the colours from shades of blues to greys, to black, charcoal, Red, white and even green. However, my most favourite is the pair of classic blues. I love this piece of  clothing to the moon and back. It is like my second skin and as if I was born in them.

When Denim is the God, and Jeans a religion! 
Denim is not just a fabric but it is a religion. Wherein my blue pair of Jeans is my clothing God. It is versatile, you can wear them as shorts, 3/4th, loose boyfriend jeans, fitted skinnies or even retro-styled flare pants.

Similarly, there is no dearth of  the ways you can style a single pair of denim or jeans in your everyday life and even special occasions. In this post, let me tell you, how I style a basic yet versatile pair of classic blue denim in 5 everyday looks.

5 Everyday Look with Classic Blue Denims

1) True-Blue Look: Denim on Denim
Let us start with my favourite look- Denim on Denim. Whoever thought it is fashion faux pas, probably did not know how to carry them. I completely love this style and often sport it for my college and brunches with friends.

It is very simple and needed to carry with minimal accessories. Let me show you how I sport this look-

How I do it: You can sport denim on denim in two ways. One by combining it with a top, pref. a jacket of the same colour. Or, by mixing matching with a contrast denim top/jacket. I love that blue on blue feel. Hence, I go for option no 1 wherein in combine it with other denim of the same colour. However, I ensure to not overkill the blues and accessorise the look with another warm tone of beige or brown.

You can choose to colour coordinate your outfit with leather accessories in black, brown or nude beige. Idea is to keep it simple, keep it classy, classy blue!

2) The Sporty Chic Look : Denim with Basketball Tee

This is my favourite look for cheering up my basketball team. I pair my denim with a bright yellow top [pref sleeveless just in case if it gets too hot on the field] and a contrast light blue denim jacket [just to combat chill in the air]. The layering up is not just a smart move but makes it look very sporty too. If it gets little too hot in the noon, I just open my jacket and tie it around my waist. It is another cool style statement. Check this out-

You can pair them with good sports shoes or floaters to keep it neat and chic.

3) The Wanderer Look: Denim for Travel
It is so easy to travel with a pair of denim. Just take a pair or two, add some regular tees and throw in some floral jacket/ bomber jackets, pack a pair of pumps and you are sorted.

4) The Ethnic Chic Look: Denim with Traditional Look
Denim is quite a Western concept but mixing it with Indian Ethnic wear is a joy of another level. It is very handy when you are coming back from college and need to quickly slip into something for a family house party or a small function at the neighbourhood. It takes away your dressing dilemma between western or Indian while clubbing the best of the two.
Here's how I pair my classy blue denim with a vibrant orange Kurti for Diwali Card Party at my aunt's house. 

5) The classic style: Blue Denim with White Shirt
You can't wear a denim without pairing it with white.  The blue and white is a classic combo and one of my eternal favourite. White has a soothing effect and I  love to further it subtle with the bare minimum. Take your favourite blue denim and throw in any white top, tube or Kurt's,  and you are sorted.  It is best for semi-formal Sunday brunch to shopping day out to wine evenings. 

You can pair them with white pearls or any chunk jewellery. Shoes? Take your pick from gladiators to flats to pumps to even beige terrain shoes.  You can further accessorise it with a bright colour orange bag. 

So,  those were the top 5 evergreen style that I wear for my denim.  Wonder,  what all variety a plain blue denim can bring to your wardrobe.  

There are plenty other looks too that you can try with your denim including the hippie Bohemian look with long, flowing,  colourful clothing,  tribal chunk jewellery, semi-casual look with your shirt tucked in or the glam diva style by wearing a corset or tube with a bandana over your head.  The world is yours. Go ahead,  shop,  plate and create.

Do let us know your favourite  look. 
Be Haute,  Be Fashionable

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