My Beauty Ritual with Innisfree Green Tea Range

I am on a Green tea Diet for my skin and it is called- Innisfree!

Yes, you read it right. The Benefits of Green tea are not hidden. The calm cleansing and high anti-oxidant properties make Green Tea one of the most sought-after ingredients in the world of health, beauty and lifestyle.

When the goodness of Green Tea collaborated with the purity of Innisfree products that are 100% natural and originates from the Jeju Island, a whole new beauty regime was born. 

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
When WB Yeats wrote this poem, little did he knew that one day it will germinate into one of the most loved skincare brand viz- Innisfree. Innisfree is naturalism oriented skin care and cosmetics brand from Korea. It uses organic ingredients certified by France's ECOCERT Organization. 

I have heard so many good things about Innisfree and when the brand approached me for trying out their products, I could not be happier and jumped rainbow beneath my feet. It was not just a sheer coincidence that their logo and my blog log bore a semblance. There were many other things that I believe were common too, including our mutual love for "skin hydration" and "use of natural products".

To mitigate any kind of bias and have a better observation, I have been using their products for last 2 months and here is my quick experience, observation and feedback of the same. 

My Green Tea Diet with Innisfree
I have combination skin and I have always tried to limit the cosmetic intervention to minimal. Given my hectic schedule and fancy-free attitude, I skip my compulsory CTM i.e. cleaning, toning, and moisturizing regime to either/or matrix of 2X2 or 1X1. The 3 X 3 has become fancy and keeping up with a strict regime, and fanciful planning. At such levels, I prefer to go for "bets of the lot" products that can work as a complete solution. What could be better than keeping your skin cleansed and hydrated Hence, Innisfree Green Tea Range comes in handy. [This is in not exactly in usage order]

Here are the four products that I tried-
1) Green Tea Cleansing Foam
2) Green Tea Balancing Cream
3) Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
4) Green Tea Sleeping Pack

1) Green Tea Cleansing Foam
It is a dense, rich foam that has Green tea extracts and is rich in Amino acids and Minerals. It does not dry out your skin and has a very fresh feel attached to it. It is one of the best Face washes I have encountered in recent years and it works wonders to remove dirt and impurity from your face including makeup. Yes, you read it right. The Face wash is very instrumental and effective in cleansing the makeup and makeup residue from your face that you will stop using makeup remover

It comes in a green-colored tube and the overall packaging is very neat, classy, and above all, handy.

It is my favorite from the stash and I absolutely loved it. Highly recommended!

MRP: Rs 700 for 150 ml

2) Green Tea Balancing Cream

This is a lightweight moisturizing cream and provides intense hydration for combination skin. It is free from Paraben, synthetic color, or animal-originated ingredients and looks like whipped cream with dew fresh moisture. I use it as a moisturizer for my face.  It gets absorbs easily and keeps my skin hydrated and soft for a long. 

The beauty is that you may need a little quantity and can massage well on your facial skin, allowing deep penetration and blood circulation. This is a very massage-friendly cream

The packaging is simple yet striking. it comes inside a round body bottle with a color scheme the same as other products in the same range to help you distinguish the "Balancing Range" from the "Fresh Range" of Green tea Products.

MRP: Rs 1300 for 50 ml

3) Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
Another very lightweight product that comes packed in an attractive dispenser bottle/ nozzle kind of packaging. The pump makes it hygienic. This is a serum and needs to be applied first post washing your face. 

I am already using a serum by Votre and did not feel like replacing it. As the product leaves some grainy marks on my face, I use it seldom. I feel it will work better with people who venture outdoor and do not want to apply moisturizer on their face fearing dust accumulation. The hydration value is quite good, though.

Unlike the balancing cream, it absorbs fast without any traces on your face. The hydration value is quite good.

MRP: Rs 1950 for 80ml

4) Green Tea Sleeping Pack
It is a breakthrough kind of product. No, it is not exactly a night cream, and neither is a tightening face mask. It is a sleep mask by virtue of providing hydration to the skin while sleeping. It also helps in cleansing the skin overnight with its Dual Moisture Raising Technology which combines organic Green tea and Green tea seed oil. 

I often apply it to my face before going to sleep. The best part is that it can be applied to any other product and it helps protect moisture beneath the skin. It is lightweight and does not irritate the skin while sleeping. You need to apply it all over your face and neck baring, eyes, and lips.

It is my go-to product and I love the texture and the way it feels on my skin. It works on oily skin as well. The texture is super creamy and soft. Another Highly recommendable product

MRP: Rs 1150 for 80ml

My Overall Experience: 

The presence of natural ingredients and environment-friendly products always has my back. The eco-friendly aspiration of the brand does not remain till the product but reflects well in their packaging which includes the use of Soya Ink for printing purposes.

The products are indeed good and beneficial. They are worth the price they command and will indeed be an asset in your beauty regime.

No product can work wonder for your skin unless they are substantiated with a healthy diet, low-stress level, and overall skin quality. So if you are going to buy these products thinking that they will work a miracle on your skin from the first application, you need to get that thinking corrected. The products need time to work on your skin and it is preferable to try products that try to address one issue at a time rather than claiming an "all-purpose" tag which Innisfree, fortunately, does not.

If there is one thing that Innisfree Green tea range claims, it is the "moisturizing" and "hydrating" benefits, and it even delivers that well right from the word Go. Another thing that I liked is- Paraben free!

I absolutely loved the Face wash, balancing cream, and the Sleeping pack. I believe hydration is the key to glowing and soft skin. And these products are quite good in delivering it. I am yet to try their Face Mask and keep you posted. You can have a glimpse of them on my recent vlog- All About Sheet Masks.

The distribution was an issue earlier but the brand is opening key stores in metros including one in Mumbai at the Phoenix Market City Kurla. The range, however, missed having an eye cream and body lotion to make that perfect fit.

Would I recommend these products? Yes, Of course especially for people with mature and sensitive skin. 

Will, I Re-Purchase? The Face Wash and the Sleeping Indeed!

My rating: 4.5/5

Haute Kutir Trivia
We often associate Green Tea Beauty products primarily with Oily Skin. However, that may not be a real opinion. The properties of Green tea are conducive for almost all skin types and it depends a lot on the other combined ingredients. Innisfree apparently is aware of this benefit and effectively combines the ingredients for maximum advantage.

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