How I Celebrated 40th Anniversary of L'Occitane in Mumbai

Beauty has a French connection with L'Occitane En Provence. 

In 1976, little did Oliver Baussan know that the wild rosemary oil shampoo that he is selling in the local market, will mark a stepping stone of one of the leading luxury skin and body brand in the world.

What started from a small soap factory in the Provence, has now spread to more than 90 countries across the Globe and has become a name to reckon with beauty, luxury and skin care. The name is- L'Occitane.

L'Ocitane is a name derived from a region in France called "Occitania". The name means- women of Occitania.I was also told that it symbolises woman, her beauty and her relationship with nature.  Isn't that beautiful?

Another beautiful thing is that brand follows the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, and offers high-quality natural beauty products and fragrances inspired by Mediterranean lifestyle. I am using their Rose Shower gel and can vouch for the sensory delight and moment of well-being that it creates.

So, when the brand invited me to be part of their 40th anniversary, I could not resist and join them for the celebration at Spa La Vie, Mumbai

Celebrating 40th Anniversary of L'Occitane Worldwide

Spa la Vie was adorned in a visually delightful French Provence setting in bright hues of yellow, white, and all thing L'Occitane! The celebration was hosted by  Dr. Aidan Goddard, CFO Asia Pacific, and Mr. John Ho, GM South East Asia along with Ms. Simi Dewan, DGM, L’Occitane India.

It was a highly interactive and thoughtful session wherein the team educated more about the brand, its products, and its vision followed by an engaging and a pampering session.

The session echoed the core value of the brand viz- Authenticity, Sensoriality, and Respect, and began with an interesting "discover your fragrance" wherein their team gave me 3-4 different fragrances to guess.

I kind of guessed 2 out 4 right. The next was a blind tasting session wherein, I was blindfolded and asked to identify different ingredients by mere tasting them. The ingredients were all-natural and were used by the brand in their products including lime zest, black pepper, and honey. Needless to say, I guessed all the ingredients correct and gave my tasting sense a pat on back :)

I also had a very relaxing hand massage and I must tell you, it was one of the best hand massages that I received in the last many months.

The super comforting ambiance at Spa La Vie 

Hands feeling loved and relaxed post the hand massage. They used a special rejuvenating oil that leaves no sticky traces of oil on fabric or elsewhere. I have a sleeping disorder and their hand massage calmed me that I slept my way back home. Indeed, am planning to visit them soon for a body spa

Post the rejuvenating spa therapy, I embarked on "retail therapy", checking their lovely range of products for men and women. I truly liked what I saw- which included their flagship cream by "immortal" flower that does not wither for 600 years and the body wash which does not require loofah or the in-shower scrub. I love in-shower products, you can check my September favorites Video Here.

This is the product I was talking about. This sounds quite promising and can be doubled up as night cream or sleeping pack too. Added it to my wishlist :)

Some more products from their vast range.

Overall, it was a well-spent day with the endearing team and their enchanting products. I have got a splendid L'Occitane Bus home and will experiment with more products.

Talking about products, it reminds me of the set of 3 beautiful hand creams that L'Occitane has curated to commemorate their 40th Anniversary milestone. The range has Shea Butter, Rose, and Cherry Blossom creams. I am using the one in Rose and cannot tell how smooth it feels. Like you are sitting in the middle of a rose garden.

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Happy Anniversary L'Occitane!!!
Haute Kutir

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