Sebastian Professional Hydre for Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner & Thermal Protectant

I really miss the time when I had thick, dense, and smooth hair. As you grow older, you wonder what your stress and lifestyle do to your body, especially your hair. Living in different cities and trying numerous products did not help them either. They become dry, unmanageable, and shine less. As you cross 30, you sordidly need help for your crowning glory, your hair.

You do not need just any help but indeed a "professional" help. That is the reason, perchance I glided my hair vanity from mass-market consumer products to a range of specially curated, professional hair care brands like Professional Sebastian.  I have recently replaced my existing products with their newly launched Hydre range and wish to share my first-hand experience.

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Review of Professional Sebastian Hydre Range
Here are the products that I tried/using-

1) Professional Sebastian Hydre Shampoo
2) Professional Sebastian Hydre Conditioner
3) Professional Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protector and Shine Complex

Suitable for: Rough, dry, oily hair

My Experience
I have started using the shampoo since the beginning of September and used it almost throughout the month. I was already facing a hair fall issue that wasn't taken care of by this product, nor it was promised. So you cannot hold it up for it.

The range has clear-cut objectivity that helps hydrate/moisturize your hair, making them smooth and shiny. It quite lives to that promise. The best part is that it does not make the scalp itchy or flaky and the effect lasts at least 3 days post washing. The hair feels smooth and is tangle-free. 

I have done a smoothening treatment in July and recently had one session of Olaplex treatment [blog coming soon], hence it is a little difficult for me to ascertain.

However, I loved the overall product. The shampoo has a very satin feel to it. It is runny enough for your shower and you may need a second helping on heavily oiled hair. However, it does a good job of cleaning the scalp and like I said, it does not make it feel itchy or flaky.

The conditioner is thicker and sometimes difficult to press out. However, it is quite creamy and does not limp your hair even if you apply a little bit on top of your head [excluding the scalp]. I use a little additional quantity, say 2 squeezes and yet it does not leave limp impressions on my hair.

Trilliant Thermal Protector by Sebastian Professional
The first thing you will love about this product is the packaging. The product comes in a transparent blue bottle and has a clear texture. The pump is easy to use and the transparent packaging helps you in ascertaining the quantity and if there is any change in the liquid color. I think it is imperative for beauty products.

How to use: Shake well, Pump and take two sprays on your hair post the conditioning. It is a must product for pre-styling your hair especially when you are going for blow-drying or hot ironing. The beauty is that it has an ultra-light structure and does not weigh down your hair. You can use it on normal days as well even if you are not using a hot hair styling tool as helps protect the hair from the hot rays of the sun. 

It has rock crystal extract that acts as shimmer complex and is best used on washed, towel-dried hair

What I loved about the range:
1) Sturdy packaging
2) Effective results
3) Does not make your hair limp
4) Creamy and smooth texture

The hair feels good and manageable soon after the wash and does not take a longer time to achieve the fall. This is indeed a great plus point.

Haute Kutir Tips: Do not heavily oil your hair to save it additional usage of shampoo and keep that conditioner on for a little more than 4 minutes for a deeper penetration before your rinse with water.

WRT thermal protector, pump the two sprays in your palm first, then with help of the other palms, assimilate and apply evenly on your hair starting from top to lengths. 

Note that it is a moisturizing range and may not help you with your existing hair problems like dandruff or hair fall. However, we all know that well-hydrated hair has fewer chances of breakage. Besides, a healthy diet is imperative for healthy hair. Mere external products won't help

Haute Kutir Verdict: Go For it!

Haute Kutir Rating: 4/5

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