Olaplex Hair Treatment: Seven Things You Should Know

Our hair undergoes so much stress and damage that we need to nourish it from time to time. Sometimes, just regular care is not sufficient and you may need an expert intervention. You need something that aims to get inside the root of your hair damage and strengthen the core. One such treatment is Olaplex.

Olaplex aims to work on your hair damage and unlike a hair spa or a smoothing treatment. It has shown note worthy results worldwide and hence, when French premiere Salon JCB- Jean Claude Biguine invited me to try out on my own hair, I wrapped all my curiosity and went ahead for a trial session.

What: Olaplex Treatment
Where: Jean Claude Biguine, Juhu

I met the senior stylist at JCB who tended to me and gave further details about this treatment, including answering my questions related to the treatment. It was an engaging session wherein I had a good tete a tete while getting my hair their first dose of Olaplex treatment from the expert.

Basis my interaction, here are top 5 things you may like to know about the new-age Olaplex treatment for hair.

Olaplex Treatment for Hair

1) Olaplex is not a styling solution but Damage Repair Treatment: Our hair are made of bonds which gets damaged due to excessive use of styling tools, heating, coloring and normal wear-tear. This treatement aims to bring back the bonds together and repair them. The treatement is done on your dead hair i.e. already grown hair i.e. 1-2 cm away from your scalp.

2) It is not a One Time Treatment: Every session helps repair the damage by 20%. Hence you need a minimum of 3-5 sessions to see a substantial change. Every session can be laced with a successive gap of minimum 10 days. Every seating augments 20% repair to your hair

3) Olaplex is the name of the product: It is a three step Process where 3 different products from Olaplex, starting from no1 to 2 to 3 are applied on your hair. The application depends upon the extent of your hair damage

4) Damaged and color treated hair: It is primarily for damaged and color-treated hair. However, if you have dry hair, you too can go for it.

5) No Restriction Treatment: Anyone can avail this treatment including expecting mothers, cancer patient. It does not have any strong chemicals and considered safe for all.

6) It is not a Shine Treatement: Unlike spa or cysteine, it does not gives you Shinier hair as the hair may start shining in due process say after 3rd seating wherein the accumulated benefit would be around 60% [depending on your hair type] 

7) Post Olaplex Care: Thankfully, unlike cysteine or smoothening it does not command any specific product to be used. You can use your existing hair care products. And that does not mean that you can use any random product on your hair

However you can also use Olaplex no 3 at home to preserve your treatment. All you have to do is to apply Olaplex no 3 all over your hair, leave it for 20+ minutes and then wash it off. 

You can buy this solution from authorized retail. 

The treatment costs around Rs 2500 per seating at the JCB. 

My Experience: 

At first my stylist mixed the Olaplex no 1 with water and applied all over my hair and left for 5 minutes. In step no 2, she applied the Olaplex no 2 Cream and left it for 25 + minutes. The lotion on your hair helps the cream, to seep in your hair.

In the third and final step they shampoo and condition your hair to seal the product in the hair, followed by applying any mild serum. You can chose to go for blow drying but it is totally optional. 

The shampoo used was SP System Professonal and she gave the finishing touches with Sebastian potion. 

Here's my finished look-

Haute Kutir Verdict: Since it was a single seating session, giving a verdict is not possible and unfair too. However, it was not a lengthy procedure and did not made me nauseated like my previous hair smoothening. I guess I would need at least 3 sitting to start working on the level of damage my hair has. It may vary from person to person, hair to hair.

I do not color my hair with an exception of 3 strips years back. However, I had undergone hair smoothening treatment in July which was quite a chemical ridden treatment and my hair needed some respite.

Though I got my hair blow dried, I would suggest that unless required, do not blow dry or iron your hair immediately. Well, it is a simple HK tip and is not backed by any prescription in the treatment.

Do let me know if you are planning or undergone Olaplex Treatment in the past. I would love to hear your responses.

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