Product Review of Tupperware Ultimo Speedy Chef

The Proof of Pudding is in Beating!

Do you know the secret of well-made, fluffy omelettes?

The secret is "beating"! Yes, the way you beat your eggs does make or break your omelettes in the pan. [if there is an expression like that]

At least, this the mantra that I have been following since the last couple of months and must admit that this formula, though little tiring at times, does work for me to get those perfect looking omelettes in my pan, and to the breakfast plates.

It is not just the eggs but proper beating sorts out different other recipes including baking and home-made ice-cream.

But how? There are a plethora of blenders, whipping machine, whisking tool etc available in the market. How does one decide what one should pick?

Well, I am not planning to go brand to the outlet and do a comparison here. I will make this simple for you by suggesting an option that I have recently tried, comes from a well-known brand and is completely simple to use.

New Blender in my Kitchen

I have been looking to buy a new gadget for my kitchen especially something that can suffice as a blender too. Confused with too many options and too less electric sockets in my kitchen [It is a proven theory that irrespective of any number of sockets in your kitchen, you will always struggle for a spare one], When Team Tupperware asked me to try out their new "Ultimo Speedy Chef", I first cried hoarse for it being a manual blender and not augmented with a chopper which I badly need [Sorry, can't chop veggies with my tongue]. However, with a little push, I agreed in anticipation to get a red soul mate for my white dough maker. I am colour conscious you see.

Let's cut the crap here and show you how the new Tupperware Ultimo speedy Chef looks like-

It indeed feels great to get a surprise courier and even happier to see a bigger size courier. Happiness that money cannot buy :) Even though the parcel came soiled, the product was unbroken, unlike the Maharaja Mixer that I reviewed almost last year.

I liked the bright, translucent Red colour, light-weight form. It looked elegant enough for any modular kitchen.

Whisking with New Ultimo Speedy Chef by Tupperware

I have spent enough time admiring the lovely looking wireless, battery-less gadget that gave me some hand fitness goals with its sturdy looking churner. It is time to try it out!

Given my limited baking skills, topped with my limited time and activity ratio, I took some time to figure out the right recipe to try. I planned to do an easy peasy chocolate mousse or a strawberry shake [which I will indeed try in future], it finally wooed me to try out whisking eggs with it. Given that omelette is a regular breakfast item in a lot of kitchens and can be easily related by readers who may not be in baking but definitely in making eggs for a meal.

So I tried whisking eggs with this beautiful red tool this morning. Like I mentioned above, one of the secrets behind making a beautiful, fluffy omelettes is the way you beat the eggs. I  remember how my otherwise mum hubby, who barely ever gives me any compliment for the meals I cook, except a simple nod, followed by a harsh mumble jumble when I nudge a little too much. So I remember, how he complimented the omelettes that I made last week. I guess they turned well cause I have beaten the eggs intensively using a spoon. Or probably it was my RSI and struggles in kitchen that make him happier ;)

Nevertheless, this time I tried my new ultimo speedy chef to do the needful. The manual handle gave me a visual fright, anticipating the RSI the repeat churns may cause me. I was so wrong!

The hand churner is one of the best things I found, in my experience thus far, in beating the eggs. It is smooth, hassle free and whisks perfect foamy eggs in just 2-3 churns. Impressive!

Another good thing is that, given the plastic base, the eggs does not largely stick to the base [like they stay in a steel glass] nor to the churner [like the usual sticky regular whisks].

The eggs were done in no time and turned quite well on the pan.

My first experience with the product was indeed good and egg-full enough for me to try other recipes including Parfait or shakes using the same.

What I liked
1) Simple, Fast and Handy to use
2) Looks good, attractive colour
3) Good quality material, Food grade Plastic
4) It is a Tupperware!
5) Manual hence giving you freedom of motion and select output
6) Saves Electricity as it does not use any
7) Easy to clean. It is quite easy to assemble and dissemble too
8) Good for Baking or cooking large portions
9) Kids Friendly

What could have been better
1) No Multi-Utility: It could have an additional chopper or dough maker attachment
2) One standard size

The setback that I could feel on a very personal basis- storage space and limited utility. I mean, I have a smaller kitchen in my Mumbai House. Well, a speciality of Mr Contractor whose residential designs have smaller kitchens. I would have loved if they have a small size for the same too which, I can duck at any of my drawers. However, I do not see that as a big shortcoming. I will set it with my Tupperware Steamer

So, overall I liked the product and here's my rating-
Form Factor: 4/5
Utility: 3/5
Pricing: 3/5
Efficiency: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5 

Why You Should Buy It
It is very efficient in whisking, beating and whipping without additional electricity charges. It is easy to use and clean too. It is child-safe [unless they want to take the handle in mouth] and can be used by kids as well. Go for it to make your usual quotidian whipping, whisking task, an easy-peasy one

In case, you are wondering about the recipes that you can cook with this, check some recipes here. I am definitely going to try some more recipes using this device. Yay! the baker in me finally got some wings. Thanks, Tupperware. Keep up the good work!

MRP: Rs 3800

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