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The changing face of bathrooms

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely a place to brush your teeth, do your daily ablution and take a shower. With changing times, lifestyle marches forward and the concept of bathrooms is far revolutionised from being merely a sanitation space to more of a personal style statement.
To suit the changing lifestyle, lifestyle tech too takes a step ahead with augmented reality.
Yes, you read it right- Dream Bath with Augmented Reality!

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Dream Bath with Augmented Reality
The bathroom is indeed my personal space and its design matters a lot. I am very particular about everything that goes inside it, right from design, fixtures, tiling and ventilation. Every time I see a house for purchase or rental purposes, I ensure that I check the bathrooms first. I love neat, well-ventilated and ergonomically fit bathrooms.

These days I am doing some research and work in the real estate sector. I cannot express my horror at seeing poorly designed bathrooms in some of the most prestigious projects. Reason? A lot of architects neglect that aspect. They do not give bathrooms enough importance or maybe it’s simply a sheer demand vs supply challenge. In such a scenario, it then rests on the occupant’s imagination to match the existing design with their aspiration. But how?

We see a lot of innovative products in the market but can’t be sure of their coherence with our space, dimensions or design sensibilities. Often there is a struggle between imagery and imagination. Hiring a designer can be an expensive option but downloading an app is a much simpler, convenient and helpful route.

DreamBath App by Hindware

Hindware, the leading brand in bathroom spaces, launched their pioneering initiative – The Hindware Dream Bath app and coffee table book.
The app is a one of its kind tools. It has around 24 design themes, product gallery of Hindware that will help you in visualising your bathroom with regard to selected design. It also helps you get in touch with a local dealer to procure the products.
How To Download
You can download this app for free at PlayStore or Apple Store. Or simply give a missed call to 1800 3000 5580

Here’s how this app works-

Benefits of the APP
There are too many attractive designs in the market that can leave you confused. For e.g. - We were getting a new sink for my bathroom and were mighty confused between shapes, structure and colour tones to fit in our existing layout. This app breaks such barriers. You can select the desired sink type and augment it with your bathroom to know how it may look in real life. Making sense of design is important, a square peg won’t fit a round hole and, you must improvise.

Here you have Hindware Dream Bath App to help you visualise, improvise and materialise too.
It is quite an engaging tool wherein you can co-design your bathroom or your kiddie’s bathroom along with your partner or your kids. Or impress your guests with some inspiring or trending theme around the world.

Your bathroom echoes your comfort, preference and your lifestyle. So give your existing bathroom an edge of lifestyle and try out the new #DreamBathApp by Hindware!

I am so hooked on it!

Be Haute, Live Haute
Haute Kutir

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