Review of Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour

Wearing a creamy mousse on your lips is such a dreamy idea. And Lakme makes it even more, creamier and dreamier with their Newly launched Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour

What so big deal about lip and cheek?
You would say what is new about using a lipcolor as a cheek stain? Have we not been doing that from time immemorial? including using them as an eye shadow as well? True that. And why just blusher or eye shadow? I suggest you can try using some dark lipstick for contouring or concealing as well. 

However, being able to use a product that is meant for singular application in different ways, is a good innovation. But having a product that is made for dual benefits, is even better and rests a lot doubts esp wrt pigmentation extra.

Coming back to the product. It is well pigmented, and uber weightless. Yes, that is the USP of this matte mousse. The formula is good that it is matte yet not too trying unless you have chapped lips
It is super pigmented, spreads well and quite handy.

New Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matt Mousse Lip & Cheek Colour

Pre-Diwali, Lakme conducted a special blogger's preview at the launch of this new product at Khar, Mumbai. A special blogger's table was hosted wherein team Lakme had curated some interesting food menu to explain the different aspects and properties of the new product. I too attended the launch and liked the product from the word go.

The product is a two in one lip cum cheek colour and comes in the rose gold n tan colour tube, a packaging akin to other products in the 9 to 5 range. This how the product looks like.

Key USPs are- Light, Airy, Smooth, Long lasting and best of two worlds.

Here are  some glimpses from the event-

The event saw different beauty bloggers cum editors trying the shades. I too have tried quite a few shades including the festive Crimson Silk that was a perfect Red matte shade with Vanilla undertones. 

I sported that shade throughout the day including meeting the Turkey delegation that was visiting India over a high tea. The shade stayed with me till late in the evening wherein I have attended the one to one meet with Turkey Stars like Hazal Kaya, and a special preview of an upcoming Marathi Film with the director and the crew. Good thing, I need not have to bother about re-touching my lips and got some compliment from the stars as well.

More about the product: To know more about the product including transfer test, kiss-proof test and removal test, do check out my new video on my +YouTube India channel-

Pricing: At Rs 575/- it is not exactly on a higher side unless you know of a better product with lesser price and as good as Lakme. Unsure of the production costs, guess the breakthrough pricing could be Rs 375 to Rs 450 at max. However, it is a call that product team takes. 

Colours I tried-

Coffee lite: It is a nude mauve kind of shade which resembles a lot with Lakme 9 to 5 range's old shade viz- Nought. I found the shade little too dull for my skin tone and preferred it on my cheeks than my lips. 

Burgundy Lush: It is deep and such beautiful, passionate colour with dark undertones. I believe it is a must have in every women's bag. Check the video for swatches and more. 

Feather Plum: Loved the bright pink shade that has an ability to lit up your face and make your teeth look whiter.

Crimson Silk: Bold Red. If you are looking for matte Red, this is your go-to shade.

You can find the swatches on my video-

What I loved
1) The texture: It is creamy and soft
2) Pigmentation: It is use less and get more product..what more girls want ;)
3) Handy: Now I love compact and handy makeup products inspite of having 2 cupboards for my cosmetics and big handbags
4) Packaging is chic, spill free
5) The Doe foot applicator is chic, super gliding and non spilling
6) It is Versatile
7) Some high tempting, fresh, bright, lively colours.

What I think could have been better
1) Packaging: Dude no color reference and that is the only bummer
2) Not kiss proof. While I like that but not on my cutlery esp coffee mugs ;) check my video for kiss test

How to use: Dot on your cheeks and lips using appropriate brush or tip of your fingers. I would suggest that you first take a portion of it on your hands, apply on your lips using a brush. Blend the residual and with help of a wet sponge or brush, pat on your cheekbones and spread evenly.

Go try it, It is like Blushing with your lips ;)

I love Lakme, how about you?

Haute Kutir

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