Review & Video of Lakme Absolute Illuminate Makeup- Sabyasachi Edition

Lakme Absolute Illuminate Makeup Range by Fashion Maestro Sabyasachi Mukherji

Hello Beautiful,

I have uploaded my new video on YouTube. It is about First impression, swatches of newly launched "illuminate and shine" range by Lakme Absolute.

In this video, I am showcasing few products that bring shine, shimmer, glimmer and illumination to our strobing routine. Yes, strobing is the new makeup mantra. 

We all love makeup. Strobing is the new in-thing in the world of makeup. It is different from contouring and focusses on creating light on your face or in simple words - highlighting your core features like the forehead, brow bones, cheeks and others.

Here are few products to aide your strobing vanity, curated by the backstage experts at Lakme Fashion Week including ace Designer- Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

I have showcased, swatched and reviewed the following products from Lakme Absolute's New Launch :

1. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation: Beige Glimmer
2.Lakme Absolute Illuminate Moon-lit Highlighter
3. Lakme Absolute Illuminate Sunkissed Bronzer
4. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick

Check my Video Here:

The video is primarily about the first impressions of the products. Here are my detailed experience thus far with these products


1. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation: Beige Glimmer
It is little too shiny for my preference. When it comes to makeup base, I prefer a creamy matt texture. The absolute shiny nature of the product makes you use it only for your broadway or runaway expeditions. I liked the pump packaging but the product needs some deliberate blending with a neutral foundation for a good base.

2.Lakme Absolute Illuminate Moon-lit Highlighter
It comes in duotone and good for mild strobing. The coverage could have been better. The product is soft and blends easily. 

3. Lakme Absolute Illuminate Sunkissed Bronzer
I absolute loved this one. The bronzer is high on pigmentation and does a neat job. It is easy to apply and a little is good enough to create that sun-kissed look. Recommended.

4. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick
It is an eye catcher product that immediately catches your attention with the strips of four different yet complimentary colours. This pretty palette comes in two different shades- Pink and Coral. I have the coral one and it looks neat. The texture is smooth and soft. 

Packaging: The limited edition product comes in clear, transparent cover round packs, providing a good visual reference of the product inside. The product size is more than required unless you are a MUA. 

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