A Soaked Sunday Soiree at Mirabella Mumbai

It was raining splendidly last Sunday. Being in confines of home for so long, I have been aching to go out. There were at least a dozen plans doyen-ing in my head and I could not wait for my house chores to get completed so I can rush outside. It was a bright morning that was soon to be turned into heavy pitter-patter, making it dreamy and a perfect occasion to pop up a wine bottle and sit by the window with a poetry book in hand.

I was quite lost in my little black book of Gulzar when my smartphone reminded me of my brunch plans. Well, Mirabella is a place that if you visit once, you may not forget it soon. I quickly attended to the guests at home, see them off and booked myself an Ola to reach the place without getting drenched in the rain. 

Not wanting the sweet, earthy petrichor to dazzle my senses, I packed myself inside the vehicle and headed to Mirabella Kitchens at Andheri West. 

If you are from Mumbai, Living in suburbs, you may have heard about Mirabella. If not, how about "He said, she said"? Well, Mirabella, if am not mistaken, had replaced the latter with a little change in the ambience. 

I reached the place at 1 pm and was glad to see some familiar places. It was a new menu tasting. The rain inculcates a different kind of appetite/hunger in me and I could not wait to try their new menu. So without further ado, let us get into the business of food, my experience and overall views.

But first, the newly proposed menu!

The menu indeed looks palatable and is loaded with varital Italian Delicatseen.

What we Tried

The Lemongrass coriander soup was such a delight. It was simple, sober and had an easy tangy flavour. It was a clear soup that never came across bland and had the bites of veggies done just right. Recommended. Do try it!

In case, if you wonder- here are the veggies that the soup was well-seasoned with. They were neither too crunchy nor too soggy, and blended perfect with the mild and soothing lemongrass.

A good brunch is incomplete without a good drink. Naah! I am not talking about plain vanilla juices but mocktails that have balanced flavours and add to your overall experience. One such mocktail that I would recommend at Mirabella is- Pink Guava Punch. It was mild and refreshing. 

The "Mumbai Masala" veg pizza was superlatively loaded and a great delight to the palate. The sauce, the topping and the cheese was just perfect. 

Pizza Margherita is another good pizza to try at Mirabella Kitchen.

I am not a dessert person but this one stole m,y heart. I loved the combo with strawberry-blueberry sauce and the pastry was quite soft and will melt in your mouth.

The presentation is bang on. Oh yes, I may return to Mirabella for this one.

We ordered Arugula Salad but it never received the same. Our fellow bloggers at next table were kind to share their Citar Green and we loved the dressing ;) 

I am a big fan of Aglio Olio and the one at Mirabella got its recipe right. Do try this one. The portion is decent for one person.

What we liked
Mirabella made a dull brunch turned bright with live Karaoke and popular music. The hospitality team started with the cult classic "Hotel California" and also played some Bollywood Number. I love karaoke but publicly shy about it. They made me sing to one of my all time favourites number- Words along with a beautiful lady- Tara. 

Now I dunno whether I was crooning but Tara was a sport and we happily sailed through the song. 

Apart from the engagement, I also liked the food presentation, choice of cutlery and array of dishes on the kiln.

What could have been better
The menu looked sumptuous but the service was the deal breaker. For instance, we have placed our first order at 1 pm but got the first serving only after 2:00 pm and that too incomplete order. Repeated requests went in vain. Apparently, there were only two-three servers attending to the entire guests. A lot of dishes never turned up especially the main course and the desserts. 

I have been to Mirabella earlier but their service was a lot better. The restaurant had taken quite an effort to host the soiree but service was, unfortunately, a big dampener given the fact that it was an "invite only" session and a little readiness or organisation could have been better.

While a lot of factors played against the experience, there were some that played favourable like the weather, food presentation, music, variety etc.

So, if you are someone who loves Italian, do give Mirabella a try. Like I suggested, do try their pink guava, Mumbai Masala Pizza.

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