My Food Experience of Zaika E Awadh at Baluchi, The Lalit Mumbai

||Attending the Awadhi Food festival||

Baluchi is a melody to ear. By Melody, I did not just mean the soulful live performance of ghazals and old Hindi/Bangla songs at this "designed with subtlety" and "easy on spirits" restaurant at The Lalit.

Melody is also a key element of the dishes that are cooked and served here. There is a certain rhythm to the delicatessen here, which is largely evident in its well-balanced flavours and simple "let's not play to the gallery but focus on the palate" presentation.

I was there last evening as their "awadh-e-khaas" guest. When you say "Awadh" a splendour of colours splash your vision and burst of spices fragrant your memories. Awadhi food known for its rich and flavorful legacy was well served at Baluchi.

The Food: In my vegetarian fare, I absolutely loved the "Daal Baluchi" a flagship dish of the place. It was a perfect blend of black daal, cream and mild spices cooked in a dum style. It is a must try at Baluchi and pairs absolutely well with Missi roti [another favourite from the menu] and the Awadhi bread- Takhtan [baked in a sweet spell of kewda flavour].

Welcome drinks: The rose flavoured shot was/will be great a way to start your dining experience in the company of the fine ghazal playing in the hall.

The starters- "Mawa aur Makke ki seekh" and "Sabj ki galawat" were simple and if you are someone who likes to explore traditional cuisine without tasting too many spices, should definitely try them. If you are someone like me who loves a little jazz in their food, do try their garlic pickle to temper your bland flavour. 

The Music: the music at the place indeed deserves a mention and a big pat on the back. I do not know the name of the singer but his songs were so well chosen, well sung, making the dining experience a real fine one with flawless singing and music. Kudos to them

In desserts, we tried- Gulkand ki Firni and Shahi Tukda. The firni was loaded with rose gulkand and was such a delight! Must try. I savoured the whole kulhad that it was served in [off course barring the earthenware]

However, there were some elements of Awadhi food was missing in the menu especially the rice/ pulao preparation, Lucknow chat. I would have loved to see some more varieties of food especially the curd variety, vegetarian starters that should include- Dalcha, Arabi, jamikand and the popular desserts like halwa extra. Nevertheless, it was a good and hearty spread. A perfect amalgamation of great ambience, fine food, wonderful company and good hospitality! 

Thank you FBAI and the graceful Salloni.

The Hospitality: The hospitality was at its finest best. If I am not mistaken, we were served by Amit and Lavkesh who were warm and highly attentive. Apart from the servers, the other restaurant staff including the chefs and the managers were hospitable and were forthcoming while addressing our queries related to their cuisine. They have an interesting offer coming on TripAdvisor, do check it out.

HauteKutir Verdict: Overall, it was a good experience. The beauty of this festival is that they have a la carte menu as well. They have a good discount for corporates and attractive offers on all major bank cards.  Do Check Awadh-e-Khaas at The Lalit Mumbai.

Would I Visit them again? yes. Do I recommend? Yes. 

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