A 4 Course Apple Dinner with US Apples


What: 4 course, sit down Dinner
Where: Theory, Kamla Mills, Mumbai
Host: US Apples & FBAI

Apple for the Course

It was a specially curated menu with Apple as the main ingredient. From starters to the main course, dessert and even the mocktails have apples in them as the main ingredient as well flavouring agent.  
The pre-set menu consisted of- 

I picked a Red Wine Sangria Glass to sooth my post dinner palate. 

Curried Carrots & Apple Soup
Never have I ever liked an Apple and Carrot based soup as much. It was mild, nutty and had a body of its own. Lip smacking, spoon by spoon

Poached Apple with Goat Cheese Salad
I am a Goat Cheese lover and having it with poached apple and salad leaves is a food journey that I will like to visit again. 

Apple Gnocchi with Butternut Squash & Sage Butter
Butternut squash and me? Never! However, this was a beautiful exception and I was happy to savour it up. Hope the squash fruit [or you prefer calling it vegetable] gets more exposure on gourmet tables with interesting flavours, one included butternut. 

Apple Cheese Cake
A good way to wrap the dinner. It was a sweet ending to the lovely dinner. I wanted to try the Apple Baklava but my not so sweet tooth declared a civil disobedience motion and I went on to meet some of my friends in a bid to share their own cuisine experience.

Haute Kutir: I have finished an entire 4-course meal and the beauty of this meal was the subtlety. The overall flavour was smooth with a crunchy texture.  The food went well with my exploding palate without leaving any feeling of heaviness or discomfort. The portion size was apt and the presentation- noteworthy.

The dinner was a perfect avenue to showcase the gourmand possibilities with an apple. I am so happy with the fact that they curated something more than the regular fare of just apple bread or apple pie. My favourite from the menu was the salad and the soothing soup. Umm, am open to exploring more of the varietal. 

Theory played a perfect host with great ambience and noteworthy service. In spite of a large number of diners, the attendants were attentive, prompt and extremely hospitable.

The Starter

The Main-course

The Dessert

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