Winners for Women's Day YouTube Giveaway

Hola lovelies,

We conducted a massive giveaway on our Youtube channel. Do not recall it? here it is-

It was a massive giveaway and we expected a great turnout. While we had some great number of people participating in this giveaway. Unfortunately, there were some fake accounts that were created to participate in it. It took us some while to skim through those accounts and zero down on the real subscribers/ participants but we are happy that we did it.

We deliberately stretched some time to evaluate between one-time contest player who subscribes only to play the contest and the genuine subscriber. Given the experience, we had with previous giveaways wherein some of the participants would subscribe once and unsubscribe next month once the contest is over, Or some participants who received their prizes signed the PODs and yet denied having received them ever to subscribers whom [recently] we selected but unavailable for any communication.

Why do we conduct Giveaways?
Giveaway, according to us, is a tool to reward our subscribers and their valuable association. It is also a tool to create awareness/information about your channel/social media and entices readership. I would have love to conduct a giveaway every month but given the non-active participation or involvement of several fake accounts, it has become a bad idea of a sort. We have also seen many winners of the past giveaways who have won massive prizes but were never seen/heard back. This breaks our heart and, am sure also of the real participants who are genuine. 

Nevertheless, after a lot of contemplation and thorough evaluation, we have found our Winners for the Women's day Giveaway. The winners are chosen basis-

1) Meritorious Participation 
2) Adherence to giveaway rules

And the Winners are-

1) Subhasini Bose
2) Hamsalatha Pavankumar
3) Quill & Quiver

Congratulations Winners!!! Do mail us your name, address along with an id card at

In case, we do not hear from you in next 7 days, the prize will be transferred to next eligible contestant[s].

While we have got our 3 winners, we want to extend special thanks to all the participants, especially -

1) Navodita Gahlot
2) Simpi Sharma
3) Nisha Kolay

We really liked your efforts and it was a very close finish. However, we can choose only 3 winners. Nevertheless, better luck next time.

Yes, we may come with a new contest, soon.

Stay Tuned!

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