My Favorite FBB Femina Miss India 2017 Contestants

Miss India is not just a title but a dream of millions of girls in India. It is not just a recognition but a getaway to splendid dreams and a whole new career path.

Every year, numerous girls across the country participate to win this coveted title. Out of the 100s of contestants, only top 3 gets the prestigious crown. The journey does not just end there. The top 3 contestants that stand shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts across the world to win further crowns that of Miss Universe and Miss World.

India had given quite a Miss Universe and Miss World including my favorites- Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai and Diya Mirza to name a few. Let's see among all participants [state winners] this year, who will stand to win this most desirous title and represent our country at the global forums. 

My rendezvous with Miss India 2017
I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the contestants in person this year [follow me on my social media like Instagram, Twitter to know more wherein I have covered my meet-ups with some of these glorious girls who get a chance to participate in the paegant].

I get to meet/ interact them on not just one but 2-3 occasions. Given my whatsoever limited exposure and interaction, I have made a list of my top favorites contestants who are challenging for the crown this year.

While there were 20+ contestants, these few have enticed me basis their warm personality, striking good features, accessibility, charm and overall presence.

Wanna know who they are? 

1) Manushi Chillar [Haryana]

Sweet, gentle and absolute graceful, Manushi is not just a pretty face but has a lot of compassion too. Her simplicity and that sweet smile [from within] is her biggest asset. She is one of my most favorite contestants.

2) Shrishti Vyakranam [Andhra Pradesh]
Shrishti is not just beautiful but talented and very down to earth. 

3) Vamika Nidhi [Jharkhand]

She is sassy, pert and full of energy

4) Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii [Mizoram]

Rody has a spunk. She oodles oomph and has high chances to stand out as the lovely, fierce contestant from the beautiful state of Mizoram.

5) Mannat Singh [Kerala]
She is tall, very tall indeed! Well not just that, she exhibits a warm personality and a sweet face.

6) Sherlin Seth [Tamil Nadu]

Composed, classy and lots of oomph, Sherlin has it in her to make to the top 3. She is a strong contender for the Miss India crown.

7) Maira Choudhary [Delhi]

Well, those were my top favorite contestants. Not to forget some other names like Miss Assam [Triveni Barman], Miss Maharashtra [a little too overconfident Aishwarya Devan], Sana Dua [ the poised beauty from j&K], a very pretty Miss Telangana [Simran Chaudhary] and Miss Chattisgarh [Vinali Bhatnagar].

Who do you think will win the crown? DM or answer comments and let me know.

The Miss India finale is crowning is commencing on Sunday, 25th June. Let us wait and see who are the 3 winners. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I cannot wait to see the final crowning. Stay tuned to me for some live coverage from the event.

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