Cheese Festival at 1221 Pizzeria, Mumbai

Rainy weather calls for some oven fresh food, freshly baked along with some fresh harvest. Top that with some fresh bread and loads of cheese. Ummm, you will be surely transported to the Pizza heaven. 

Oh Yes, it exists and exists in this world. All you need to do is identify a right place and be there at the right time. So, when Pizzeria 1221 was hosting a cheese festival, I knew it was the right time for me to visit the place rather than settle for some home delivery.

The small yet warm restaurant offers "make your own pizza topping" wherein you can select toppings/sauces/ base from the vast list of veg and non-veg ingredients list and can see your pizza getting baked at the hot kiln right in front of your sight.

There were at least 5-6 varieties of vegetarian option [much to my gourmet delight]. I decided to grab a slice of each. Look at the beautiful presentation

I liked the way they have organized their serving plates in two color coordinated plates. Green for vegetarian and Red for Non- veg.

They offered different beverages including mocktails, aerated drinks, hot chocolate and Evergreen Fresh Lime water. I have taken a simple mocktail made of litchi juice and it did the needful.

 I totally loved this Pesto Pizza with a burst of Goat Cheese on it. It was soft, thin and melt in your mouth.


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