Hair Spa at Home with Wella Oil Reflections Hair Range

I Love 💛  Pampering My Hair

My hair loves some tender love, care, and pampering! My pamper routine largely comprises mild head massage and deep conditioning. Those who are following me on Social media would have seen my regular visits to Salon for hair TLC. However, visiting a spa or a salon or a Spalon every week becomes a time-consuming and expensive affair. Yeah, I know a lot of you will advocate calling for a home beauty service but I find getting hair service at home [read sans the washing stand] becomes messy, tedious, and not as conducive. I would rather go to a salon to get my hair service done.

On the days/weeks when I cannot go to the salon, I prefer to indulge in some TLC at home. Late, my partner in crime is the New Wella Oil Reflections Range.

Review of Wella Oil Reflections range

Oil Reflections is the precious oil collection created by Wella Professionals for a luxurious hair care experience. It promises to give stunning results including 72 hours of anti-frizz effect every time you wash your hair and instant luminosity.  The collection apparently, has been inspired by Wella Professionals’ best-selling Oil Reflections hair oil. I have not tried the Oil but the brand has sent me the new Oil Reflections shampoo and hair mask to experience this indulgent treat for my hair.

What: Wella Oil Reflections Range


Luminous Reveal Shampoo, Rs 975

Luminous-boost mask, Rs. 1075

Category: Hair & Spa

Packaging: The products come bottled inside a subtle and luminous packaging of white and gold, living to its adage of the Holistic Luxury. The bottles are made of sturdy, good-quality plastic [and allied components] and are easy to carry store, and quite travel-friendly. 

The shampoo bottle has an ergonomic design that holds sturdy in the shower and an easy-to-pour, click-open outlet. 

The boost mask comes in a swirl open, wide mouth round jar with a fuss-free outer packaging as well.

The Product: If I have to describe them in 3 words, I would say- Creamy, sensuous, and effective. 
I have been trying them for the past month and I really love my in-shower experience. There are days when I have just used the shampoo sans the mask and it does a good job even without a conditioner.  

Luminous Reveal Shampoo
The texture is soft, oil-infused, and with just the right consistency. It has a transparent silhouette to it which blends well into wet hair and spread evenly without leaving any significant build-ups. It would not be an exaggeration to say -it gives a semblance of an oil cum shampoo in one while leaving your hair feeling loved.

Luminous-boost mask
My hair wash is incomplete without a generous dose of quick deep conditioning from this velvety hair mask. This is one darling of a hair boost mask- creamy to the core and one heavenly lot of fragrance. It has Camelia oil and white tea extracts that wrap your hair strand by strand in a nourishing embrace that you wish to carry outside your shower as well.

Apply it all over your head including the length and you will understand what I am talking about.

The Price
At Rs 975, the pricing may look on the higher side. However, given the benefits and the exquisite experience, the product is worth the price. Frankly speaking, it is cheaper than one hair spa session. The product will easily last for 1 month for a shoulder-length hair so you can do your math here 💆

What I liked about the two products
1) Mild and gentle to use
2) Great in-shower experience, a perfect "me-time-moment" with your hair.
3) Makes the hair feel light and soft to the core
4) Leaves a post-wash shine
5) Creamy texture envelops a smooth finish
6) A very Nutty and warm fragrance
7) Goodness of Camelia
8) White Tea extracts make it suitable for people with oily scalp alike.
9) Effectively washes the Oil

What Could have been better
1) The product contains SLS
2) The range could have included a good serum as well

My Overall Experience

Needless to say, I absolutely loved these two products. To sum it up, it worked on my dry to combination hair by effectively cleaning and giving a great sense of nourishment. The effect lasted for almost 2 days on my hair but then I loved it absolutely and could not resist touching my hair every now and then. 

This is one of my go-to product these days and I highly recommend it.

For Haute Hair & Haute You,

Ekta [Haute Kutir]

PS: Products are PR samples but the view is personal & experience based [ 5 usages]

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