FBB Miss India Inspired Collection by Namrata Joshipura

Making everyday Fashion Extraordinary

Who says regular cannot be extraordinary? At least, popular designer Namrata Joshipura and the retail giant FBB do believe in carving extraordinary from a regular affair.

The design philosophy is highly visible in their new Miss India theme collection.

Miss India Inspired Collection

FBB recently concluded with Miss India 2017, a beauty title that all women across the country dream to win regardless of the age and aspirations. Though the contest is over, the Miss India fever continue to persist. A large number of women flocked the retail outlets to nurture their wish of giving a Miss India touch to their wardrobe. 

To help you live up your Miss India dreams, FBB had joined hands with Fashion designer Namrata Joshipura and come with a new "Miss India Inspired Collection".

Notwithstanding my excitement to check the new line and get a slice of the same for my wardrobe, I checked this beautiful collection. Needless to say, I loved the overall idea and execution, and could not resists buying some for my younger cousins and nieces for the upcoming Teej festival.

Here are few of my favorites ensembles from the collection along with what I liked about them-

1) The Cold Shoulder Tops
The cold shoulder is such a rage these days. What I loved about these designs are the solid, festive colors and the touch of ethnic to it. These tops were perfect gift choice for me when it comes to gifting two of my niece who loves a little swag with a good old Indian Styling

2) Flowy Swift Dress

I loved the one in Blue with bronze accented borders. It has such a beautiful Greek touch to it.

The second one in beige with florals looks so fresh and summery for sassy wear. It has asymmetric cut. 

Apart from these, I totally loved the following designs for their sheer charm, deep colors, and simplicity. Whoever thinks wearing ethnic is not fashionable, need to learn to wear them in right sense, like the way these designs are styled. 

Well, those were my few favorites from her collection. They not just look good but are easy to wear and maintain. 

I hope you liked my feature here. Do not forget to share your favorites with me. You can check them here

And in meantime, do not end up being a mere window-shopper, go grab some for your wardrobe diet.

Stay Beautiful, Stay Haute


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