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Bikini wax and the Taboo

We are funny people. It is ok for us to throw waste and chatter loud at public places but talking about pubic health is such a taboo! Yes, it is still ok to shower profanities on its name in public or giggle over the pubic-ry [joke son pubic] but talking about its health or well-being is such a hush affair. Time to break some senseless taboos!

One such Taboo is Bikini wax!

I can see some of you closing this window by the mere mention of or some of you hiding you're reading the screen for "your eyes only lest they judge you" exclusivity. While some of you giving a damn to such taboos and continue reading it. I am proud of you and myself too.

Hell, I am shy but not ashamed to say that I have got the Bikini wax done. 

Bikini Wax and the Horror stories

I have heard so many horrors of Bikini wax including the tearing pain and the embarrassment while not able to oppress your painful screams at the salon. It was a play of such stories and may be my lack of need of getting one [even when I was getting married] probably refrained me from trying it out. Well, I am no beach babes either and before you judge me, I am very much fussy about my overall hygiene including "that"-that area that many of we girls refrain from talking. I have tried hair removal creams among others but never a bikini wax. Told ya, I am not a beach babe that I have to flaunt myself too hard to get more Instagram likes. 

Jokes apart, being a beauty enthusiast and a blogger who like to keep her updated with all good things possible in the world of beauty and health, I have finally decided to try this "highly talked about but in hush tone" treatment but only at the comfort of my home.

Getting a Bikini Wax with The Home Salon 

One of the biggest apprehension associated with getting a bikini wax is the social taboo attached with going to salons. Well, that is no more a taboo with the advent of professional home beauty services like the "Home Salon" which provides a highly professional and well-organized beauty bespoke services at the comfort of your home.

Why Home salon?

You must be wondering why? Well, for a simple reason. I have originally booked them for a hair spa and mani-pedi session at home. I was attended by two lovely professionals who did a good job of pampering me with an eloquent manicure, pedicure and hair spa at the comfort of my home. I absolutely loved their professional approach. They came dressed in clean and neat work attire. They carried their own equipment and products including the bowls to fill water for the manicure. I will tell more on this at the later part but first, let us talk about the experience.

Notwithstanding the natural pain that one undergoes in this process, my overall experience was a decent one. The beautician made me feel at ease and answered all my queries patiently. We spoke at length about the process in India including why people opt for laser treatments. I will talk about the pre-requisites and care terms on a different post, here's why I recommend The Home Salon-

1) Thorough professionals and trained staff to attend to your beauty needs

2) Ease of Booking: You can book via their website or calling their numbers-

3) Hassle free booking: One call and my requirements were sorted.

4) Efficient pre and post service support

5) Clean and branded products and tools

6) No post service mess up: The beauticians bring all the products including the disposable sheets for the service. Their work is clean and they do not leave any residue on your floor or sofa post the beauty service.
7) Cost Effective: A lot of doorstep beauty brands charge you a premium of serving you at home. However, I found the rate card at "The Home Salon" pretty reasonable without compromising on the service standards. 

One of the beautiful things about The Home salon is their vast range of services. You can book one appointment with all the different services you need and relax.

I have also availed a very soothing hair spa and a refreshing Pedicure and Manicure at home. Contrary to popular notion, it was hassle free and mess free. The beautician helped me clean and shape my nails so beautifully that I cannot resist doing Instagram stories on them. Follow me @ektakhetan on Instagram for more such stories

Do I recommend them? Yes, Absolutely! 

The Home Salon is one of the best options for bespoke beauty service at home. Check out the vast range of service they offer and Go Book you one today.

All the best! Do share your "The Home Salon" Experience with me in the comment box below or email at Who knows one of you can win a surprise from me :)

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Stay Beautiful, Stay Haute

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