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We girls, women love wearing makeup. The makeup world is a fascinating one with colors, highlighters that not just accentuate your features, masks a minor flaw but adds up to your confidence. Wearing makeup is fun. However, removing them is a Herculean task. Let us make this task simple and skin-friendly by following a good yet effective process.

After all, it is the skin that you are living in!

Removing makeup is a Herculean task

It was Eid last weekend. I thought of doing a makeup tutorial but then I realized there are so many makeup tutorials floating on the web and I need to do something beyond that. Meanwhile, I attended a contact lens event with Bausch and Lomb who insisted me to try their new Blue Lacelle lens with a mermaid eyes makeup. Being someone who loves her simple smokey eyes look, I was a careworn throughout the process wondering the garish effect and the efforts it may require me to remove it. Removing makeup is not as easy it may appear, especially removing the eye makeup.

I decided to do a quick, easy tutorial on how to remove heavy festive makeup before you go to sleep.

Why Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed?

No matter how big a brand is, there are always some skin disruption risks that are associated with makeup. There are different sorts of chemicals including parabens that are part of the makeup composition. Not just that, makeup aims to add an artificial layer on your natural skin, limiting the natural breathing process of your skin. Hence removing the makeup is not just an art but a science too. So do not forget to remove makeup before you hit the bed.

How to Remove Festive Makeup

Here is my quick tutorial on- how to remove your festive makeup using simple and #musthave products.

Notwithstanding the brand, essentially here's a run down of the products you may need to remove your festive makeup-

1) A Good Eye Makeup Remover
2) Cleansing Milk
3) Cleansing Oil or any Light Oil like Coconut or Olive
4) Gentle Face Cleanser
5) Wet Wipes
6) Cotton balls and Buds
7) A Nourishing Night Cream
8) Face Mist
9) Toner

You can use all of them or can use a combination of "with" and "and" to do the needful. 

If the question is how then you must watch my recent YouTube video to learn more.

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Products Used in This video-
1) Kara Makeup cleansing wet wipes
2) Kara Nail Paint Remover
3) Clarins Makeup Remover
4)Johnson Buds/ Q tip
5) Face wash
6) Face Calming Mist by Auravedic 
7) After Cleaning Boosting Toner by Hanjo Collection
8) Eye Cream by Oriflame
9) White Lilly Night Cream by The Nature's Co
10) Sheet Mask [use any]
11) Omorfee Lip Salve
12) Swiss Tempelle Summer Lotion
13) Paddle Brush by Vega
14) Virgin Coconut Oil from Kama Ayurveda
15) Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Lens/ Lens Solution

The brand suggested in the video is to list few that am currently using. It is not an exhaustive but an inclusive link. 

Shared some of my tips here. Let me know what to do you think. More on my blog

Hope you liked this video. Do let me know if you need any further info or details on the process/products used here. 

PS: This is not a sponsored video.While some products may be a PR sample against a social media feature request.

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