Top Five Lipstick Hack Every Girl Should Follow

Perfect Lipstick?

Aww, there is nothing as accomplished to be called as perfect lipstick [have not found one yet]. Perfection is all about applying lipstick in the right way!

If that expensive lip color which you bought with a lot of heart, and ahem bucks is still not looking as great on you as it looked on the advertisement banner than hum do not blame your genetics. Blame the edit kissed advertisement. And focus on applying the lipstick well. How? read on, read on. For patience is another virtue that will come handy with the hacks you are about to learn, re-learn or practice. Suit yourself :)

Applying Lipstick is an Art

Buying the best [most expensive brand in some cases] does not necessarily ensure the formula will work for you or look good on you. Of course, the shade selection is one criterion, the application is another one and quite a big one at that. And that is where hacks come handy. 

When I say hacks, I do not mean that you take a knife scrape that lipstick bullet or even worse take bullets, light them with gaslight to mix and merge. God help if that works for you. You do not even need to get botox done on your lips, or fillers or any surgical intervention. God has endowed you with unique features, highlight and make them look their best. 

Highlight how? with a good technique of course. And quite a simple technic that you can adopt on the go without investing moolah on high-end drama. Try my hacks.

A good lipstick starts with prepping the lips before you apply the lipstick and goes while you are applying the lipstick and continues even after you have finished applying the lipstick.

As much I would have loved to write it all down here but I so much want you all to watch the video. The video elaborates on all the 5 different every-day hacks you can use. Do watch and share your experience.

5 Simple Lipstick Hacks for a Perfect looking, Long Lasting Lipstick

I hope that you will like this video and these hacks would be helpful.

Hacks Summary

Here is what you can expect to learn from this video if you sailed the introductory part [even I regret that part after uploading the video, lolz]

1) How to Prep your lips
2) Use of Lipliner
3) How to Mattify a lipstick
4) How to set your lip color
5) How to remove excess lipstick
6) How to prevent lipstick/gloss from bleeding 
7) What is Lip base and why to use it?
8) How concealing works on your lipstick. 
9) How you can giving finishing edges to your lipstick.

And honey if after all these deliberations, if your lipstick still does not look good you, then it is a clear indication that you should drop that tube and get yourself a better one.

Go to any of the online sites, offering sale son makeup and suit yourself up. There are umpteen good brands available in the Indian market, waiting for you to explore and get kissed [literally]. If you want me to suggest some, pl check these that I have recently swatched or try and, feel it would not hurt to recommend.

Some Lipstick Brand That You Can try-

1) Maybelline Creamy Matte: Now you must wonder, why I am going gaga over them off-late? Of course, I have reviewed them all recently. All 35 shades. And liked them too. The details are here-

2) Oriflame
There is something about Oriflame lipstick that even after as many years, I still have a fascination with them. 

And there are more. Like Sigma, Bella Voste [Glamego Boxes mostly] and Sunny leone's range. Now, this is where my YouTube channel and Instagram comes in. If you follow me there, I keep sharing not just swatches but time to time highlight some of my favorite shades as well. 

Currently, I have come across a lovely brand called Rang De which makes organic and cruelty-free lipsticks. The form factor looks great and so does the overall branding and composition. I have done an introductory story on my Instagram - that "what's in my mail" types. Lucky those who have seen it. And those who missed, make me feel lucky about you too by subscribing/following me on YouTube and Instagram as well. Tell me you will do it :)

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Stay Haute,

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