How to Rock Hot Pink Lips with Ease and Elan

It is not mere Sunny Leone who is making Pink Lips popular across the country. Pink lips is a beauty Trend that started off as a rage two years back when every celebrity could be seen flaunting it and still going, growing as it is still being witnessed on a mega scale from ramps to streets. Given the large Indian skin Tone, sporting pink lips often gets bold and for sporting such a bold beauty look, it is important that you take the right steps so as to not overdo it. Here’s how to rock hot pink lips with ease:

Choose according to your skin undertone

I always say- Keep the basic right my dear and you will rock the world. The first step is to select the right one for yourself. Depending upon your skin complexion, determine what skin undertone you have i.e. cool, warm or neutral. If you have blue undertones, go for blue based pinks and if you have warm undertones, go for orange or red-based pinks. I have a wheatish skin tone, so I always go for little dull pinks and the best way to try them, is to wear them on your lips without any makeup and see for self. 

Subtle eye makeup

Since hot pink lips are a statement in itself, you don’t want to run the risk of looking like a clown or a makeup junkie who thinks he face is a free canvas for colour riots. Go for soft shade eyeshadows or just draw winged black eyeliner to tie the look. Just like how Kim did it [the pictures below for inspiration. You can easily pull off these looks even in daytime provided you are comfortable with it.

Wear Matte

If you find hot pink lips already risky but still want to take the plunge of wearing them, go for a matte finish instead of glossy. Glossy lips are more attention-catching as well as high-maintenance with transferring issues. You can dab highlighter over the cupid’s bow to give the illusion of fuller lips if you want. Ensure that your lips are properly moisturised and exfoliated to avoid a patchy finish when wearing a matte finish.

Virtual studio makeover
You are afraid that you will waste your money by buying it and not wearing it. This is when virtual studio makeovers come to your rescue! With them, all you need to do is upload your picture online and then try on various makeup looks by clicking on products from different brands. 

Go sheer
You love pinks but are afraid to wear this daring look. Well, you must try especially when there is a sheer finish available too. Hot pink lipsticks that are sheer in nature have a low colour opacity which makes them ideal to be worn even in day time easily. However, testing them out will good idea as they might not be a favourite among those who have pigmented lips.  L’oreal Paris caress lipsticks are sheer in nature so you might want to check them out. My other favourites are Flormar, Victoria's secret [deets coming soon]
Pic Source: Kikay
Brush off the blush

The key to making this colour pop is by keeping the rest of the look simple. It is best to go for subtly contoured cheekbones, layered with a minimum amount of blush. You can also skip it completely. Having a proper base and groomed eyebrows go without saying.

Pic credit: YourSTyle Journey

Hope the above tips were handy and helpful. So what are you waiting for? 
Update your makeup routine by incorporating a hot pink lipstick in your handbag! 

Gals, it is time to "Turn Heads with Hot Pink Lipstick this Summer".

I will soon share my favourite collection of lipsticks with you on this blog. Stay tuned and do not forget to follow Haute Kutir on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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