Steam-It like a Pro with Tupperware

Who said that healthy cannot be delicious and delicious cannot be simple? Whoever said that, may be have not heard about steaming. Well steaming is a simple Technic to good healthy, wholesome food. 

The benefits of steam cooking are -
1) Fast to cook
2) Less Oil Used
3) Keeps the nutrition, color intact
4) Easy to cook

Well if something is so health beneficiary, then it is worth trying and incorporating in daily food routine. All you need is creativity, adaptability and a right device. And what could be better than the brand that millions of households love- Tupperware.

Here's presenting, Tupperware "Steam-It

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Tupperware "Steam-it"

Steam-It is the revolutionary new mode of cooking that a lot of households in India is taking up, up on their kitchen cell. Tupperware recognizes the value of quality and health, and in order to promote healthy eating through "steaming food", the popular household brand takes the tradition further with "Steam-It".

I was looking for a bamboo steamer from quite sometime. So when Tupperware asked me if I like to check their "steam -it", it was as if the brand read my mind. Such a connect! I was little apprehensive in the beginning. Cause I was brought up to notion that Bamboo steamers are the best. Well, I kept my apprehensions to a hollow corner and tried this one.

The Proof Of Pudding Is In Eating
Steam-it can be used for multiple purposes including making dumpling, steaming veg and other assorted steam based cooking. I wanted to keep it simple and churned out few vegetable dumplings using the same.

Making Veg Dumplings aka MOMOS using Steam-It

Ingredients & Recipe

Take 2 cups of Flour [Maida], add 1/2 tsp salt, add water and knead a stiff dough

You can take assorted veg. Since Momos is primarily Asian [read Chinese- Tibetan] recipe, we used more of Chinese vegetables. Take one cup grated Carrots, grated Cabbage, fine chopped spring onion. Mix it all in a bowl. 

Keep a wok on fire, add 1 tbsp oil and saute grated vegetables till it turn glossy. Now add salt [to taste] 1 Tsp Soya Sauce [optional], 1 tsp chopped garlic, 1/4 tsp Vinegar and 1/4 tsp black pepper. Mix it all.

Now with help of rolling pin, make small- flat, rounds of dough [4"-5"] . Now place the above cooked filling in middle of it carefully. Take little water on your finger and wet the edges. Now softly, slowly and carefully, wrap up/ fold the dumplings carefully, twist and seal it together. Your dumpling is ready for the steam.

Now repeat the process and make few more dumplings.

Take any wide utensil of wok. Fill it with water and and allow it to boil for two minutes.
Take the new Tupperware "Steam-it" and carefully place the dumplings on the top and steam it for 10 minutes. Do not forget to cover the steamer with lid for proper steaming.

You can serve the same with Chili sauce.

Well, you can experiment with flour. I am planning to make one with wheat flour and gram flour mixed one soon. You can also do a little more experimentation with the "filling". For eg, to make it healthier and more kids friendly, you can mash up veggies likes beans, some spinach strands, Tofu, dry fruits or so to ensure that your kids [who generally don't like to eat them otherwise] get their dose of nutrition via this delectable looking exotic dish. 

Yes, Tupperware is quite handy to steam vegetables, just before cooking them.

Some do's and don't while using Tupperware Steam-it

1) Do use a wide wok, preferably non stick to maintain proper water level. Do not use a narrow utensil for the same.
2) Do ensure the correct water level, that should be right below the holes of bottom box. Don't overfill with water. {you get a manual book for instructions]
3) Do hold the hot steamer with help of cotton cloths.
4) Do not use rough or abrasive detergents to clean but use mild ones

Well that was the review of the handy and useful Tupperware "Steam-it".  This innovative concept, used widely for Asian cooking preserves the traditional characteristics of bamboo steamer while enhancing functional benefits.  Here's a video demo of the same-

Here's a pictorial differentiation between the traditional bamboo steamer and new-age Tupperware Steam-it-

Do go ahead and order one for self today.It has a special kind of plastic that is healthy for your food. [It comes with brand promise of Tupperware]. The ridges prevent food from sticking and the well endowed, water drainage channels steam appropriately to your food, making water impossible to stay and wet the food item. 

what more, well it comes with a lifetime Warranty as well. So what are you waiting for? Do check Tupperware website for further details.

If you have any query, do email them at-

Healthy Cooking and Happy Eating!
Team Haute Kutir

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