Transform En-Route with Fair & Lovely BB Cream

“All the makeup in this world can never cover up an empty brain.” 
― Edmond Mbiaka,
I stumbled upon this quote in the newspaper, while having my morning tea. And men, I could not help but laugh so hysterically that I almost spilled some tea on my dress. Well my joy was short lived as I saw the wall clock ticking away to glory. It was ten minutes to nine am. What? 10 minutes to 9:00 am? Gosh I have a meeting planned at office around 9:30 am and have to get ready, reach office and be there - all by 9:30 pm. 

I am running late for work!

Problem statement: I have a crucial presentation and am running late for work
Objective: I need to get ready quickly, look good without make up 
Solution: transform en route

Well they say, a problem known, is a problem half solved. Given my tight work schedules, am always running in jiffy. Also given the fact that I am not a make up person but need to look good as am giving a client presentation, I knew exactly what I needed.

Here's all that I need-

I quickly changed from bathrobe to my formals [Ummm I love Park Avenue], picked my lovely Michael Korr in blue and stuffed rest of the things in this large sized beauty 

Here's my "Getting late for work- transform en route" look-

So, I am ready for work and that corporate presentation, where my work will speak and not my make-up ;)

How I achieved this? Well it was as simple as Tic-Tac-Toe.. yes, you read it right. as simple as Tic-Tac-Toe. My partner in crime is- Fair & Lovely BB cream. Here's a dekko-

1. Woman in Blue

Friday Dressing with Fair & Lovely BB Cream

Well I liked this BB Cream and wondered if it is a "one time magic". Given my first impression and to strengthen my observation, I tried it again today with my Friday dressing. Here's the look-


Both the above looks were created using Fair & lovely BB Cream and Black kohl [eye pencil] only.

Impressed with performance, here' my review of the product but before that, let me tell you about my experience with BB cream in general.

Haute Kutir's experience with BB Cream[s]
The Kind of Hullabaloo that surrounded BB creams when they were launched in India, made me quite excited on the prospect. I went ahead and bought myself few of them. Frankly the BB cream [s] that I have tried thus far, left me quite unimpressed and uninterested. So when Fair and Lovely launched their new BB cream, I initially chose to give it a miss. 

So last week when I was invited by Fair & Lovely team to meet their team and try their product, I went halfheartedly, expecting to be disappointed like I was with some other high profile products. Well I was anything but not disappointed. It was a live demo appointment wherein I had a tete-a-tete with the brand manager about the product, the concept, and all culminating with trying the product first hand. 

Seeing is believing and never entrust a beauty product with a single usage. Well to substantiate the same, I went ahead and tried the PR samples for couple of days and here's what I felt about the product at large.

Haute Kutir's Review Fair & Lovely BB Cream
Fair & Lovely is known, household name for fairness products in India. The BB cream is indeed promising and geared to take the brand a notch higher in consumer's share of products. Like I said, Initially i was not keen on this product and was about to dismiss it off as another launch but when used, I did liked the same. Hence I am reviewing Fair & Lovely BB Cream and created a unique look with the same.

How to use: Squeeze a pinch of cream on your finger tip- apply as small dots all over your face- using fingertips or a blending foam, blend all over your face in pat and spread motion.

My Skin Type: Combination skin that is dry near the mouth area wherein tends to get oily at other places with few products.

What I Liked about Fair & Lovely BB Cream
1) It simple to use and blends well
2) It works instantly on your skin, forming a good base.
3) A little of it is sufficient
4) It is very mildly fragrance
5) Good Matte finish
6) Does not leave any oily traces or heavy made up feeling on face post application
7) last long
8) Economically priced
9) SPF 15
10) Comes in one Universal tone, hence you may not have to worry about trying different ones. [it can be a disadvantage too]

What I did not liked about it
1) It may not be meant for people with very dry skin. Tendency to accentuate dry patch on your face
2) It comes with foundation that I am not sure if I can use for daily basis.
3) Not suitable for concealing dark circles near eyes

Haute Kutir Verdict: No matter what your profile is, wearing make up everyday is not possible unless you are camera facing. In such cases, the product seems to be promising and makes a good option for regular work wear. It comes in tone quite conducive to Indian Skin tone and the matte finish gives a good cover up. It may not be able to hide blemish successfully as claimed but indeed a simple to use, make up option that makes you look good without actually looking made up. The SPF 15 is mild and good enough for sensitive skin like mine. I would however, always suggest to do a patch test wherein you can apply little cream or any such product for that matter at your hand and check for allergy. 

The product comes in quite a handy and neatly packed rose gold and white tube which makes it easy to carry even in you purse or clutch. I liked the fact that brand put more emphasis on the product than packaging or branding the same. The non greasy and non itchy feel of the product, makes me go for repeated usage. The product is quite better than some widely advertised beauty creams in market and worth your attention/ trial. Go ahead and try the same. we would love to see your feedback here.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Haute Kutir Rating: 4/5

And like we quoted, all the make up in world can never conceal an empty brain. So go ahead and invest your money in buying good books, getting good education rather than splurging on make up when you can look beautiful at lesser price.

Fair and Lovely BB cream comes at Rs 169 for 40G.

Be Beautiful, stay beautiful,
Haute Kutir

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