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We live in a Y2K world where everything has time to market. In the world of "instant" coffee, instant noodles, instant travel, the marketers have left consumers aching for more. If businesses have to work at the speed of thought, they need to be backed by the speed of lightening thunder as well. After all, the consumer is king and a consumer is in no mood to wait.

We are a jet age people. Like our smartphone, we need our Internet too to work at blitzkrieg speed. No point in having a phone that does not work or that work but does not commemorate the thought speed. We are a reckless bunch of people, we are restless, we are "impatience". We are so accustomed to data binging that irrespective if we carry our books or cards anywhere, we want to carry our mobile phones everywhere.

Smartphones with Smart Network
I recall my conversation with a friend last evening who was "crowdsourcing" ideas to buy a good smartphone. I told him irrespective of the brand that he buys [as most of them are more or less same these days], what truly differentiate their speed is the "mobile network" they are on! Smartphones is not just a voice communication devices but off late have become a "walking talking" one-stop gadget for different needs we have- communication, utility, entertainment, social networking and what not. So when a device that plays multiple roles as these, be well empowered with a connection that is most advanced, widespread and needless to fast. Or a 4G connection.

4G with Airtel
Telecom major, Airtel which had pioneered the Internet sphere in India, was the first brand to introduce LTE aka 4GF in India. With its widespread across multiple telecom circles and new licences which includes operating at 900 mhz in cities like Mumbai that is a data user hub, airtel has yet again proves its salt by launching the flagship 4G services all across India from their initial cities including Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai amongst others.


I have tried this service while its initial launch phase in Mumbai and if I have liberty, I would rather send all other Gs [except Parle G] in trash and use 4G given the-

1) High speed performance
2) Fast Video streaming 
3) Ease of usage
4) Price as same as 3G 

If you want to check detail offerings of the product, do check Airtel website

If you have tested the 4G speed anywhere in the world, you have tasted blood. You would not settle for any lesser generation of Internet. So if you are in India, and you want to test speed, want to test 4G, get hooked to Airtel who was the pioneer to launch this in India. 

How to Get Started on 4G
To experience 4G in India, you need to have
1) Compatible 4G/ LTE [Long term Evolution] device. 
2) A 4G Sim card [Airtel has introduced smart sim cards that come with 3 convertible slot types including Nano]
3) A 3G data pack subscription
4) Do check their website for area feasibility as 4G is tower enabled service. 

If you are on 4G, do share your experiences with us here. We await your feedback.

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