Food Bloggers Meet and #DimsumFest Workshop at Marine Plaza , Mumbai

What: Dimsum Fest
Where: Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai
When: 1st August 2015

What happens when a Vintage hotel with awesome "bay view", a master chef who is from China but speaks chaste Marathi, top food bloggers of Mumbai comes together via a good company of PhotoKatha over Dim-sums and master class?

Chaos? Nopes unless you referring to what happens in twitter when they all assemble and tweet about a fun afternoon spent together, enticing the taste buds of followers. I call it- An afternoon to savor forever!

It was an August afternoon spent learning dim-sum tricks, meeting prominent food bloggers in the city and enjoying the wholesome hospitality of luminous - Hotel Marine Plaza at the picturesque location of Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Food, Fun and Friendship day Eve
Hotel marine Plaza invited us for an amazing Dim-sum class where the talented Executive Chinese Chef Huang Te Sing took us through the meticulous trail of Dim-sums, how are they prepared and the works.

The workshop was held at the beautiful Bay View that overlooked the clear and amazing Arabic sea, a perfect place to wine, dine and spend some exclusive time. Aila that rhymes! So did the freshly cooked dim-sums that just rolled in our mouths, rhyming in perfect harmony with our palates.

The star of the afternoon was indeed the Chef who painstakingly and skillfully took us through different Technics including making open dim-sum, also known as Sui moi.

And hold your palates, here's the dim-sum that Chef cooked-

The #DimSumFest Cook up challenge

Well if the proof of the pudding is in eating, then the proof of learning is in demonstrating as well. While Chef took us through the art of dim sum making, it was completed with a small fun task, read contest.

We were divided in a team of three and given with dim-sum stuffing and rolled base. the contest was to make dim-sum as creatively as we can. The Chef would not just get them steamed for us but he would also judge them basis creativity and shapes. Yours truly was in team Vegetarian dim sum and here's what we all made-

Can you guess who won? Off course, the team veg, yours truly won the challenge. we not just did roll different creative looking dim-sums but were the first to roll highest nos of it. And thankfully they came out looking so good post the steam cooking. Here's a closer look at the winning basket-

Here's the winning team with Dimsum, photo courtesy Our champ- Tinkesh

While everybody gorged on the lovely dim-sum they made, the hospitable team of Hotel Marine Plaza had hosted a beautiful lunch for us. I am gonna share the lunch spread and the menu with you right now. The detailed luncheon along with pictures will follow soon.

Well, that was the spread out at the lovely "Oriental Blossom" and am sure that the lunch menu looks did the food look? well, stay tuned to know more.

In the meantime, do check out Hotel marine Plaza at-
Address: 29, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
For Reservations, Call: 022 2285 1212
Bon Appetite,
Haute Kutir

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