Women, Do you have the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Syndrome?

“Jewelry, I'm telling you. It's a thing. And love. And maybe danger.” 

American British Actor and Fashion Goddess Elizabeth Taylor loved her jewelry. She was the poster child for gem love, who had a collection worth over 150 million that she acquired from her various husbands and self-purchases. Sh took "diamonds are a girl's friend" too much to her heart that gave birth to a new syndrome viz- Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Syndrome.

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Syndrome
Yes, you read me write. While I knew Liz'z love for jewelry, I have recently come across this term. In simple words, when you cannot tear your eyes and mind off the engagement rings pictures on your feed, you are diagnosed with Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Syndrome.

Here are few quotes that went viral immensely popular according to the beautiful legend Elizabeth Taylor's love for jewelry-

Her collection grew with her wealth, fame and via her romantic conquests, something that she never hid from the world. Like I said she reportedly owned 150 mn dollar worth jewelry including 33.19 carat Krupp diamond and 69.42-carat pear-shaped Taylor Burton Diamond [A gift from her husband Richard Burton]. It's not just that diamonds were her best friend, she also owned Le Peregrina pearl, one of the most famous pears shaped, largest pearl in the world. Her passion for jewelry reflects in her book titled- My Love Affair with Jewelry.

The famous 69.42 Carat Diamond that her husband Richard Burton acquired for her at an auction, for over $1 mn.
Elizabeth flashing the originally in a ring to remodeled  Carter Necklace design to the Academy Awards in 1970
Her beautiful collection of jewelry charmed one and all over the years, including Internet celebrity Kim Kardashian who spent 64k on jade bangles/bracelets that belonged to Liz Taylor.

Haute Kutir and Jewelry
Elizabeth Taylor was an iconic personality. And Jewelry love is not just about Elizabeth Taylor or Kim Kardashian. Jewelry is something that every women and girl loves. There is barely any woman who can turn away a sight of glittering necklaces, dangling earrings and big baubles.

You can call it materials\ism or appreciation of beauty. I call it Venus Syndrome in every woman.

Given your love, query and response to our jewelry features on Instagram and Twitter updates, we are motivated to start a new segment on this blog- Haute Jewelry.

Real, Artificial, owned, Borrowed, Quirky, Gold, Wedding Jewelry or street smart, we are going to feature a lot of them. So stay tuned. For we are going to bring you something that no one has done or heard in India yet- Real jewelry on Rent.

I am sure you are as keen to explore this, as keen we are to showcase you about it. So stay tuned and keep following Haute Kutir on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram.


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