Seven Things You Should Avoid for Healthy Skin

We did a feature on Seven Commandments or your Hair in Monsoon wherein we suggested 7 tips for managing hair. The post fetched us some rave reviews and requests from readers alike who wanted us to write more including the skin.

Inspired by love, here's our take on 7 thinks that we should avoid in order to achieve a good Skin. After all, a healthy skin is your best vanity and needs not much make up. Given the pollution, stress and chemical interjection levels in our lives, we need to take good care of our skin. While there are many substance that are good for our skin, lets take some time to see what is "not good for our skin". Here we go-

1) Smoking - I fail to understand that except for satisfying your alpha dopomine [which can be satiated by drinking water], what is the pleasure one can draw by putting an unhygienic, harmful substance in mouth and then puffing it off. Well the answer is "A Myth". People esp women think that smoking is instrumental is "stress busting" and "weight reduction". Holla there are better ways to do that rather than making your precious lungs a soil mop. Smoking not just badly impact your lungs and throat, it also stains your teeth and lips.

So do a favor to your beautiful mouth, stop smoking.

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2) Parabens: Check out the ingredients list of different cosmetics that you pick for self. Anything that contains Paraben, in any form, is carcinogenic and harmful for your skin. Go for products with natural ingredients. If you are following me on twitter, look out for my beauty tips wherein I suggest different kind of Parabens to avoid.


3) Bleach: Irrespective that how much your Salon lady will suggest you to bleach your face in order to get a better facial quality, resist facial bleaches as much, unless it becomes mandatory. Bleaches though were never mandatory and were used only to lighten the facial hair. Yes, bleaches do not make you fair, it just helps in lighten up the facial hair on your face to bring the impact. Bleaches are in fact quite harmful to your skin and burns the upper derma layers due to excessive usage. In stead, go for natural whitening products like tomato pulp, sour curd with gram flour and other DIY home masks.

4) Products with High SPF- Use sunscreen if you may but preference should be given to the medicated ones with moderate SPF than the cosmetics with higher preference. I generally avoid using sunscreen and multiple use is a strict no- no for me. Reapply you must but do clean your face from the grime and dust before re-application. 

5) Sleeping with Make up- Make up forms an artificial layer over your skin and hence not allowing to breath freely. While you need to chose your make up brand carefully [read point 2], still you need to exercise the minimal use and make up removal when not necessary. No matter how tired you are, you should wipe out the makeup before hitting the bed. And no, washing is not a solution. One of the best way to remove make up is to wipe it, using cleansing milk on cotton or wash cloth.

6) Random Sleeping Habits- There is an adage- Early to bed, early to rise makes a men healthy, wealthy and wise. While I do not know about wealthy but am sure about healthy and hence consider it as a wise option. We do not realize that our skin goes through damage through out the day and recuperate through the same between 10:00 pm to 1:00 am during the sleep. Hence, it is very important to stick through the sleep schedule. As it not just help your skin to recover the damages caused in day's time but it also boost your immunity and regularize body cycle, adding the shine on your skin.

7) Soaps on Face- While soaps are cleansing agent, they are also high on chemicals and can strip off natural oils from your face. No matter how mild a soap is construed or positioned on TV, best is to avoid using soaps on your face. You can either go for a good foam based face cleanser or use Gram flour with milk or water to clean your face. I have initially used Dove white soap on my face and the result were good. However, the Gram flour ubtan may sound tedious but impact is natural and long term. Add a little turmeric paste with milk to bring that glow which even chemical laden face washes or expensive facials cannot bring.

Well those were the top 7 things to avoid. Needless I say, a good diet, adequate water and exercise always comes handy. We will come up with more beauty tips, Do's and don' keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

See ya. Have a Healthy skin

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