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Life is too short for wearing boring jewelry

In one of our previous post, we talked about Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Syndrome that is common to all the women across the world. And why should not it be? After all, jewelry is such a beauty, intricate stuff. I call them a poem, an artistic impression crafted in an accessory. 

Buying Jewelry in India
India is the land of Kohinoor and precious metals. It is a breeding place for beautiful artisans and designs across the world. Whether it is a wedding, childbirth, birthday, anniversary or any function, jewelry is synonymous with beauty and gifting. Who does not love jewelry? People not just love wearing them but consider it as one of the most popular forms of investment. I have often seen women talking about "investing their money" in jewelry. Really? Well while I do subscribe to that idea but partially. I buy jewelry so that I can wear them. Unlike flowers and artificial ornaments, they do have a "return on investment" value attached to them but that is not what they are cared for. If I have to invest, I would rather buy Gold blocks. 

Buying jewelry for investment is a passe, so is confining yourselves to same monotonous jewelry that you got for a wedding or any other occasion is. After all, we women do not like to repeat our dress as often, then why should we repeat our jewelry?

Affordable Jewelry At your doorstep
Oh, I can understand that given the surge in prizes, it is not possible for everyone to buy as many real jewelry as many clothes that they buy. Besides, the trend and pattern changes quite often and managing them is quite cumbersome and risky as well. What if I suggest to you that do not buy jewelry but still wear the latest design as and when you want at minimal costing and simple process?

Umm a lot of you will ask- how? Some of you will nod suggesting the jeweler who rents pout artificial jewelry that looks grand for weddings. Ah! You spent lakhs of Rs on decor and dressing for a wedding, only to wear artificial jewelry? Well cynicism notwithstanding, I have observed these facts about Indian Diaspora-

1) we hardly wear our rich, heavy "wedding jewelry" other than the wedding day
2) We hate to repeat our jewelry

What if I say that you can flaunt your jewelry without investing in it?

Jewelry on rent
Off late, jewelry rentals have become quite popular. popular they may be, they are as cliche. For you can easily spot a bride wearing an artificial "Jodha Akbar" set for her wedding.  What if I tell you-
1) You can wear and flaunt real, latest trend jewelry as and when you can without spending a bomb?
2) You can rent "real" jewelry online?

If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen some of the real images that I shot and posted. Do you recall these-

Un-limit your Jewel Wardrobe, Forever with Eves24

Women' jewelry has inspired many poets, writer, and artists. It has such a charming proposition that could not leave the otherwise diligent and a simple, family loving CA Rahul Banka untouched. Rahul Banka, the CEO and Founder, has launched Eves24, a radical online jewelry services online in February 20-15. Eves24 is a cutting edge concept that makes wearing jewelry worth for every woman and let her enjoy it as "Fashion Accessory" than an investment headache.

Eves24 offers innovative and alternate ways for women to enjoy the most authentic designer jewelry certified by international agencies.

What does Eves24 offers
I visited their Mumbai office in Bandra and this what I learnt about their offerings-

Easy Jewel: Buying jewelry is expensive and the collection is not built overnight. With easy Jewel, you can buy designer jewelry on easy interest free EMIs. This is a member only service and the jewelry is given to buyer as soon as the company received the first installment. To know more about their membership, check their website.

Jewel Library: Book libraries are a passe, jewel libraries are in. Now you can rent real. high end jewelry of your choice to coordinate with your outfit or function for 3-7 days against a usage fee. 

Jewel Online: Eves24.com has a beautiful catalog of unique certified designer jewelry which customers can buy online at competitive prices. They also offer lifetime exchange / buyback of products sold by them. They claim it to be a transparent and professional jewelry service, backed with authenticity certificates and purity guarantees.

Some of the Jewelries at Eves24
I know when it comes to beauty and jewelry, seeing is believing. To validate their claim and see the quality of their offerings, I have visited their outlet and gone through some of their collections. And to provide a better visibility for my readers, iI have shot few of them [In the simple light, more natural setting] without props.

From chic to pearl to classy diamonds, the collection is bountiful and impressive.

Aren't these dangles cute and ethereal? Well with just them, you will sure to spark your special outfit.

They have a huge range of bracelet and rings collection.

Well, that's just a little glimpse of the collection you can expect at Eves24. Go ahead and check out their membership details which is well authenticated with well known banks and added door step, fool proof facility. Oh, you said Security? Insurance my lady.

So do not starve yourself from looking good or owning up jewelry that you believe in. Chunk the junk and go ahead and "treat" yourself with "Jewelry Snacking".  Have you ever heard a women or girl who said- Ah that jewelry makes me look fat?

Haute Kutir

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