Beauty's Seven Commandments for your Hair this Monsoon

Hair Problems in Monsoon Season

It is monsoon and there goes all your hair, ka-za-kazoo-bazoom...Never mind, what it means. What matters is how do you take care of your beautiful mane in this season that is full of frizz, moist and dryness.

So gals, this is not your "how I met my hair" Season 10 episode no XYZ" and hence get to the point. Point is, your hair is indeed your precious asset. Something that you realize soon after it turns in bad shape or starts falling. While you may find 1001 references on internet for what do on your hairs and whatnot along with all Blah Blahs of the world, let me share some of my "tried and tested" Tips for your hair, scalp, root, and tips.

If they work for you, give me a holla and spread a word, if they do not, let's talk individually to see if I have something to offer. Before that, tips please-

1) OCC Ritual- This tip may be done to death but is highly relevant and important. No matter how busy and demanding your schedule is, do follow the OCC regime i.e. Oiling, Cleaning, and Conditioning. It always helps. Use a good shampoo [brands do not matter, the chemical composition does] and complete it with a little help from a conditioner. "Moderation" is the key. You can check Schwarzkopf BonacureHimalayaL'Oreal Oil and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition reviews on my blog. Reviews for Pantene, TiGi may come soon. Suit yourself.

2) Manage your Frizz- In the monsoon season, due to moist and humidity in the air, your hair tends to develop frizz esp on your crown. You can manage this by using oil and shampoo in moderation [little quantity] and avoid backcombing your hair. I use Tony and Guy Frizz control conditioner for my lengths.

3) Towel Dry more, Blow-dry less- Aye it is your hair and not the "chicken Tandoori Tikka". So be careful when you use electric stuff like a Blow dryer, Hair Iron, Hair straightener, hair styler or so on. They do much damage to your hair shafts and follicles that you may imagine. repeat usages just add to jeopardy. I know hair is your crowning glory and you need to look good. So try to look good naturally and give your hair breathing space. The upcoming point goes all the way to give you another reason why not to use hair stylers as much.

4) Least Artificial Interference: Okay so no matter how big that brand is global, a chemical is a chemical and unless you really "need" it, stay away from all artificial "volumizer" or this and that during the season. Use you may but use occasionally and do wash your hair post usage. Besides, when you style your hair with electronic devices, you end up adding artificial products and serums on your hair and scalp for heat protection or styling. 

5) Hair Length Management: After business management, I learned hair length management due to incessant office politics and stress resulting in hair fall. To cut the story short, if you have any of protein or Vitamin D deficiency and may be low hemoglobin or Folic acid in the body, I would suggest that you trim your hair a little short. This may not be scientifically tested or proven but IMHO, when you are running through deficiencies, the longer hair pulls more of nourishment that could have gone to your scalp. In such times, it is the better idea to leave your idea for growing your hair longer for some time aside and go snip happy. It is "Ghar ki kheti" [homegrown] and will grow sooner or later. So do not worry about length and concentrate on breadth [scalp]

6) Cover your hair while traveling: The day makes look less sunny and devoid of dust. However, do tie up or cover them inside a neat bandanna while you are traveling in an open window vehicle or two-wheelers. You can check my video on what happens to hair while being on the great Indian Autorickshaw ride.

7) Watch your diet- You should have a well-balanced diet. While doctors advise avoiding green leafy vegetables in monsoon, you can substantiate it with more beans, legumes and fresh juices. I am a supporter of Vegetarianism and pity all theories that may say vegetarian has less nutritious options.Boo.Eat healthily and avoid excessive dieting as it may affect your hair in the long term

Well, that was top 7 tips for managing your hair this monsoon. Needless to say, avoid stress including using electric styling products on your hair. You may not realize but every little stress that you put yourselves into like lovers tiff, friends acting unfriendly on social media [lolz], Alexa rank not moving up and so more, adds up to stress and affect your body and mind non-productively. Keep yourself, de-stressed. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to my other blog- Numerounity and get some dose of humor and respite :)

So, readers, those were the tips that I curated for you. If it benefits you/ you like them, do show your love and spread the word. Follow Haute Kutir on InstagramTwitter & Facebook

Love the natural self,
Haute Kutir

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