Bloggers Meet with Vinod Cookware at Out of Blue, Mumbai

“Jo bhi ho khana, Vinod mein hi pakana”

Many of you may recall this jingle. It was one of those catchy tunes that were often heard on national TV during the matinee time. I remember this ad jingle but could not try their products though. So when Vinod Cookware invited me for a first-ever bloggers meet in Mumbai with fellow food bloggers, I could not resist. I was hunting for a new house, which I postponed in the evening and accepted the invite. Besides, I was looking for a new range of nonstick cookware for my kitchen and was unsure of which brand to choose.

The event was scheduled at one of my favorite places- Out of Blue in Bandra. 

As I reached the place, I found it buzzing with bloggers across Mumbai. While most of the attendees were hard-core food bloggers, there were some who were lifestyle bloggers too and that made an interesting mix. After all, cooking is not blogger specific and every household needs a cookware range that they can rely on. 

About Vinod cookware- Vinod Cookware established in 1986, manifested the launch of ‘Sandwich bottom’ in the history of Indian kitchens. Today, after a decade of experience and a repertoire of over 400 products spread across multiple categories, Vinod Cookware is one of the most preferred names in Indian as well as global markets. With a complete understanding of Indian kitchens and using premium quality stainless steel, Vinod Cookware builds an instant connection with homemakers of all ages. The company’s insistence on research and development gets its products the edge of convenience and durability.

The event kick-started with a brief presentation about the different product range from the brand. The brand does not believe in just talking but in demonstrating too. Hence they have painstakingly bought and showcased products from their different range, creating touch and feel experience for bloggers.

The products looked sturdy and well endowed. I, in particular, liked the "insect repellent cooktop" and the "Thermal Technology" that prevents food from sticking at the bottom...It is absolute wow. Especially for people like me who like to cook in low oil and like a little crispy taste.

The range they introduced- Black pearl, Tri-ply, and Zest Inducto.

post the brand feature and presentation, they took us out for a large group selfie. It was a herculean task but they managed to click bloggers in one frame. The event was concluded with a detailed luncheon at Out of Blue. The team ensured that food and drinks kept on flowing to different bloggers' table. We were treated with some feisty sizzles, pasta, and make my day- hot chocolate Brownie.

The Vinod hospitality did not stop there and they presented every blogger with a beautiful gift-set from their pearl range that included a non-stick griddle, Tawa, and a shallow fry pan. Whoa! I can not wait to try them.

Haute Kutir Verdict: In a world full of counterfeit products and services, and even confusing names in the cookware category, Vinod cookware is a good relief. Notably, Vinod Cookware is a debt-free company, with strong reserves, which enables it to expand organically and inorganically.
The hard anodized cookware from the Black pearl range looked sturdy, sleek, and stylish to add a zing to your kitchen.

Know more about their other product range on website:

Haute Kutir

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