L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Gloss Review

It was a usual morning when I was getting ready to attend an event at the Palladium, Mumbai. I was almost ready and reached out to have one last touch up on my lips. I did not want to carry any handbag and wanted a distinctive red tint gloss that stays for long, say 3-4 hours at least. While my usual favorite collection from Victoria's Secret, had always been my 1st choice, followed by Sally Hansen, The tint that I wanted was not available that hour. To save the time, I took a little red-pink lip color, dabbed it with a drop of baby oil and Glycerin to bring the look and made my move towards my cab. 

Needless to say, my solution did worked for that hour but left with "non-fulfillment" rose through not finding the right shade that I wanted along with necessary moisturizing texture. 

My quest for a soft yet shiny, lip gloss in the color that I imagined this morning, did not leave me there. Whole through the event I kept on checking the most suiting color cue that I could take as a sample to my beauty shop lady for reference. I went market storming that evening and in spite of spending some time fussing over a pink that has red tints, subtle and soft tints, I could not find my shade. Back home I was greeted by my usual favorite Victoria's Secret gloss that I felt was telling me- Go east, go west...I am still the colors and gloss that you love best. Off course I do sweetie. But I am also open to give you little competition ;)

It seem to have that Interstellar effect on me. Hence proven by the mail that came next day carrying a newly launched range by name Shine Caresse from my other favorite L'Oreal. I have been using L'Oreal products esp lip colors from ages and could not resist the temptation to try it out. AH! This was the shade I was looking at. But will it work for me? Well read on...

Haute Kutir Experience with L'Oreal Shine Caresse Bella 604

So the shade was Bella 604. It came in a lovely looking slender, pocket size unbreakable package in golden and transparent design. I simply loved the "packaging" and found it classy, chic and super elegant. 

The Product: I am a sucker for lighter, almost nude shades. Off late I was equally looking to invest in certain deeper shade, deep as in - a little more than nude but not as bold as red. This shade came as manna from heaven and I fell in love instantly with it. L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip color is the GenNext lip cosmetic that combines the shine of a gloss, texture of lip moisturizer and long wear of a stain. It has lasting color with absolute subtle glossy shine which comes from its unique 30:60 water and oil formula. 

Like I mentioned, I loved the form factor i.e. packaging. It has easy to open swirling top with a "dove toe" applicator almost in shape of a heart. The applicator is easy to hold and works smooth on your lips [easy to apply]. 

Shine Caresse truly lives to it's name. The very first time when you apply it on your lips, you will feel a smooth, soothing and chilling feel. The texture is smooth and runny, glides well leaving shine and hydration on your beautiful pout. When I first applied, I felt it to be little ineffective for single application and planned to do a double coat. however, it was not required as the color deepens down in few second and in spite of looking almost nude a shade, it leaves a beautiful color on the lips. 

Now time to do coffee cup test. 
Good for me, the lip color did not transferred to the rims of my coffee cup and passed the test with "flying Bella" shade. The beautiful part is that the effect lasted for long without making my lips chapped or dry. When I said long, I meant more than 4-5 hours including the Sunday Brunch that I had at Renaissance and time spent to check out the new upcoming apartment at Andheri West, battling Mumbai traffic. If you ask me- This is much better than Lakme 9-5 range that leaves your lips chapped and dull post usage. Time to replace few brands :)

Well that was all about what I liked and super liked about this product. Is there something that I did not liked? Well there is nothing that I disliked except the fact that why I am not having more shades from this range. An opportunity that I will soon fulfill :)

So let's do a quick recap-

What I liked-
1) The Overall product. It lives to its promise of shine and hydration
2) The beautiful packaging
3) It is non-transferrable
4) lasts long
5) easy to use applicator
6) Can be used as a single lip product without a base
7) Makes a good gifting option basis the proposition
8) Absolute Light weight on lips as if not wearing anything on lips
9) Safe to apply and does not leave any irritation post application/ reapplication
10) Smooth texture 

What I did not Liked-
1) Not many shades in Browns
Haute Kutir Verdict: Shine Caresse lives to its promise of hydration, long lasting shine and absolute light in weight texture. The product is a lip gloss that doubles as a stain which delivers a lasting shine, tint with subtle Gloss. It is safe to apply. Priced at Rs 499 for 6 ML, it is a #MustHave in your Vanity kit and the bag. While the people with hyperpigmentation need to test before buying the same. The product is available in 8 different shades suiting different skin types. 

Where to Buy: It is available online and for more details click- L'Oreal

Would I buy this again: Yes!

Do I recommend this to others: Yes Indeed

Can it be worn daily? Yes.
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  1. A very office friendly lip color i must say ;)

    1. Yup..apply a coat or two more, ready for party ;)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Nice review but I hate lip glosses due to sticky feel.The colour is awesome though and you look good on it.

    1. Then Ankita, you must try this as this one is not sticky and gives a great tint and smooth feel.

  3. Wow! That's beautiful. :)

  4. Suits you, Ekta. Even I use L'oreal lips balms, they are good.

    1. Yes, this one is nice. Do try them Saru!


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