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These days whenever anyone asks me if I am willing to relocate to another city for a much better opportunity, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is- Relocation? Again? Well no.

Phew! In the last 10-15 years, I have been moving from city to city, and trust me, relocating to another city is not a Halwa, in simple words. Relocation is altogether a herculean task that starts from house hunting to house renting, finalizing, packing and transferring your household from one city to other, finding new friends, adjusting to new social groups, re-discovering places to shop- explore-eat to extra, extra and a never-ending list of extras. Your entire life changes. And if you have kids studying in school and a working spouse- the nightmare has just begun.

At such time when relocation is not merely an option but a mandate, you are left high and dry. You start looking for that friend, acquaintance in the new city who can help you with references and guide you around. You run through your diaries, contact list and even gets into the mode of “he is my uncle’s friend’s sister’s niece’s neighbor” and will help me with the right properties there. Brokers as you know often misleads you into renting/buying places at inflated rates to cut through a high commission.

Well, sometimes you get lucky and find such a jack [s] in the other city to help you with your accommodation, school admissions, vehicle registration, movers and packers amongst others. A lot of time you end up running helter-skelter behind different people. And often you end up burning more time, money and energy on managing even the “trivial many”.

Imagine if you are residing in sadi Delhi and the relocating city is as diverse and vast as Namma Bangalore. Trouble multiplied by 2?

Well with Bangalore quickr, you can keep your relocation woes at bay. Bangalore Quikr is a free local classifieds website where you can post free advertisement related a business, product, and services offered exclusively in Bangalore. Not just that, You can post free ads to buy, sell, rent or for charity in Bangalore. Find used cars, rent or buy apartments, find a flatmate or even start a tiffin or catering service, hobby or dance class or a fashion boutique in your locality and much more. Basically, you can “Sell or advertise anything in Bangalore” using Bangalore Quikr. The website gives you buy or find anything for options like-
  1. Car and Bikes
  2. Electronics and Appliances
  3. Real Estate
  4. Mobiles and Tablets
  5. Education and learning
  6. Services
  7. Entertainment
  8. Community and Events
  9. Pets and Petcare
  10. Home and Lifestyle
  11. Jobs
  12. Even “Matrimonial”

You can also create “Alerts” across the wide categories as mentioned above at Bangalore at different localities. So if you have to relocate to the Garden city of Bangalore, worry no more. Log on to Bangalore Quikr

How much I wish it was there way back in 2006 when I moved to Bangalore and have to struggle around the city especially for my accommodation

So No Fikar, bech Quikr

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