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It is winter time. Brands around the world are busy chasing consumers with their products and services centering around winter protection and care. From head to toe, there is no area left non-addressed, with each brand offering their distinctive solution to consumers. What do you care more about these times? Brand name or the benefit it offers? Off course, we all look at the benefits offered as it is concerned with one of the beautiful aspect of our life- our beauty and well-being. In the world of upward mobile and highly conscious, now who would like to be seen with rough heels, dried cheeks or Chapped lips? Well the Youth brigade suddenly wouldn't.

Cosmetic major, Maybelline, which has become a popular name in beauty and cosmetics around the world especially India, after an overwhelming success of their "lip care-lip dressing" product Baby Lips [aptly assigned a Pretty Ms Alia Bhatt to be the celebrity endorser], have launched its "Electro Pop" range of Baby Lips. 

Color the world, Neon
Well, it is the world of the electronic world, with yellow being the most "in" color for make up esp eye shadows last summer, why would a popular lip care that targets the Youth and Pop generation, be lagged behind? Off course no. Especially when Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop comes in 6 electrifying shades ranging from- Pink Shock, Berry Bomb, Fierce n Tangy, Oh Orange, Minty Sheer and strike a rose.

Haute Kutir Experience
I tried two of the electrifying shades- Fierce N Tangy [Lemon Flavor] and Pink Shock [watermelon flavor]. The tinted shades are more than a lip balm and gives a jolt of sheer neon color to the lips, smoothing it week after week.. I have tried the shades at different occasions and liked the calming/ softening effect it had on my winter-dry lips. I love to maintain a well scrubbed lips but given the hectic schedule, it gets difficult to even scrub using the usual DIY at home. Excessive consumption of coffee and tea especially at meetings and work place, saps the moisture of the lips and winter dryness does no good either.

I am avid user of chapsticks since my childhood but off late ran out of my stock [sigh family not visiting India a lot these days]. Normally I use Jovees strawberry lip balm or the lip balms from TheNaturesCo and has aversion to lot other popular brands with high SPF that looks cool on lips but actually damage [read burn] it in due process. Given that concern, Maybelline is safe to use [Basis the usages so far]. Frankly speaking, the tint didn't excite me as much except for few occasion. However, I liked the form factor i.e. in twisting lipstick tube as it not only looks cute but as I always insist- easy to carry and use. Just think of dipping your fingers in bottle, scourge through the balm and then apply it on your lips, all with your bare fingers that may be exposed to different touches like mobiles, key boards, switches etc etc.. Aargh talk about hygiene.

Beauty Tip: To make your Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop work for you, suggest to apply it at the centre of your lips towards the outer corner and then apply on the bottom side of the lip. If need be dab a little with a soft tissue and you are done.

The Target group/ buyers would be Youth especially teenagers who would love to pop up and play with electro neon shades. It would make a great travel accompaniment and at Rs 165, it is not a bad proposition. However, do not think that 8 hours stay is practically effective unless you go completely in "mute" on non-eating, non-puckering, zero activity mode. The easy to use/ easy to carry twisting form comes handy.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dwell yourself in the colours of the season, paint yourself neon and try Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop. Even if you do not care too much for tint, the balm is as much effective. . Give that neon tint to your looks and rock the world.

Disclaimer: The products are part of the PR / Blogger sample and the review is non biased, but based totally on self experience, perception and purely honest.
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  1. The product looks good but I think the tint wouldn't excite me either. I too can't do without my lip balm..and vouch by body shop's range esplly the squeeze tubes..very good product more so coz am a vegetarian. Very good review :)

    1. Thanks Shweta :)
      Yup I didn't liked the Tint in this particular product actually. I am glad that you liked my review. Stay tuned :)

  2. Very Good review. Thank a lot for this. I have been think of buying this for quite a long time now. I am so obsessed with lip balm and I really don't mind if it's a tinted one. The review could have been more awesome with a photo.

    1. Thanks so much. Glad that you liked the review.
      Hey, I had a picture posted for review but since you said- I added another picture from my Instagram here. Hope you like it.

      Stay Tuned :)


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