How I got Pimple on my Wedding and Still got Married

A girl's fondest dreams are about her marriage. When She becomes a bride with all the fineries, awaiting the prince charming who will come off a white horse and sweep her off her feet and they lived happily ever after. Blah! Well if Famous author Salman Rushdie has to be believed then it is the "wedding" that the girls are most interested in that the "marriage".

My "Dreamy" Wedding
Meh! In my mind, it was very clear that I would always have a private wedding or will be a runaway bride. For me, it was not a wedding but marriage, that was more important [if there is any sort of tussle between the two]. Little did I realized, that between - A Wedding and Marriage, there would be something, however minuscule it may look, hogs the limelight and becomes the most important thing. The best thing is that it is free to acquire but expensive to have. You guessed it right, it is none other than the- Pimple! 

How I got those pimples
As part of Pre-wedding rituals, my beauty therapist recommended a "super awesome and extreme toning" pre-bridal glow facial that has known to do wonders to brides and their overall appearance on the D- Day. Kicked by the prospect, I happily obliged her with my time, privy purse strings and of course the face to play on. It was quite a soothing massage and I had a good relaxed sleep that night. The next morning when I got up, I found these. [see video]

Smarty, I know you read my post title. So now watch this short video-

Hell hath no fury when a woman develops a pimple. If a pimple is just before a party or an occasion, Earth shatters and clouds fall. Case in point, the occasion was my wedding, which was barely a week away.

"I saw the calendar and its fast-moving pace
and thinking of all beautiful brides and their face
Alia in 2 States and Deepika in Race
Saif's Kareena, Shahrukh's Gauri,

Rajesh Khanna had Dimple
And what have I got?
A sore looking Pimple?"

Naaaah! I can't take that chance. No matter how Intimate I planned my wedding, I cannot let a pimple's public appearance ruin it. No way!

Where there is a will, there is a way
I rang all the known parlors and fixed furtive appointments. The heavy rains did not deter me as I went Salon to Salon, looking for a solution. Alas! same old story and the list of beauty treatments, counter beauty treatments, all spelling "RISK without return". I listed them all and turned back to return home, almost heartbroken. On my way, I stopped at a mall, picked up a few serums and toners with superlative promises and ingredients, some looked like from my grandma's kitchen of Yore and some sounding like it belongs to the family of coal oops tar-col!

I got a call from my Fiance`, checking the preparation at my end. Gosh! I was supposed to go to the jeweler to give some last-minute size details and this whole pimple episode evaded it off from my mind. And again my family would have thought that I really ran away from my wedding, fearing the wedding "jitters and zitters". Well, it was not "jitters" but "zits" and "acne" and a tiny monster called "Pimple". If "diamonds" are a woman's best friend, then "Pimples" are the "worst" of enemies. 

The Pimple FIR
I was lost in my thoughts when the cabbie told me to pick my phone. 20 missed calls? Gosh, I took a "U" turn to my designer's place and checked with him if my wedding "veil" could be increased to hide my pimples. Finally convinced my amused Designer and his tailor master to increase the drape length, to cover the face. "Burka Bride, I hope you don't fall down due to long veil and while trying to fix a pimple, breaking your bones instead". My quirky designer duo chuckled. I felt like 100 pimples going down my vein, such vanity in vain.

My worried parents heaved a breath of sigh to see me back. They were just contemplating to register a "missing" complaint. I suggested if we can complain to Police about "sudden outburst of pimples" on my face, without my permission, try to loot the space on my face and rob me of my wedding day vanity, it would be more appropriate. Meh!

How I got rescued
Back home, mom always knows the best. "Mom I guess if we can do Muslim style dressing wherein the bride wears a flower veil, we can cover the pimples" I suggested and told her the whole story and my pimpled face. She chuckled and left for her kitchen. When she returned back, she had a strange-looking Green paste in her hand. "If it is some bitter-guard that I have to eat, then let's forget it. I will ask Manu to postpone the wedding, another date". 

I know it is not simple to postpone your wedding due to a pimple but you cannot get married with acne on your face! Especially when you hired 4 photographers to shoot your wedding. I gave up to my mom's suggestion and being it purely organic looking stuff, I gently patted it all over my cleansed face. Initially, it itched a bit, smelled too strong and I almost had a nervous breakdown thinking if I develop more pimples cause of this itching and smell when it showed it's magic. Voila, there was certainly a noticeable improvement in the very first usage. A couple of more usages and I was sorted. Truly sorted. Thank God for Neem and Tea Tree Oil.

Seeing is believing since you saw my video, here are my wedding pictures, with less veil-

Well, it speaks for itself. The story does not end here, while I combated the pimple infiltrators that time, I worried if they will re-infiltrate again and since mom would not be there, how would I manage with the Neem paste at hubby's bachelor house, amid the scanning brigade of MIL, SILs, and other relatives.

My mom smiled and handed me a tube. She asked if I remembered the first face wash that I used. Pat came to a reply- Garnier. She handed me a Garnier Neem PureActive tube and said- it is time to replace your favorite Garnier with another product. And that my dear, is this- Garnier Pure Active Neem.

Garnier Pure Active Neem consists of 2 magical ingredients- Neem Leaf and Tea Tree Oil which Fight Germs, Pollution and removes excess oil

I smiled and hugged my mom dearly. It was time of my bidaai and being the emotional me, I have almost resorted to tears until my younger brother intervened and said- Beware, I read in Few-mina book of Metropolitan magazine, that crying [as subfactor of stress] causes pimples to resurface, infuriate and unless you do not want to do "Griha Pravesha" with pimples, you shan't cry. We all broke in laughter.

While entering the car, I handed the tube to my husband to hold so I don't stumble over my heavy, studded lehenga. He looked at the tube and gave me a curious look. "It is your Dowry! keep safe, I need them"...I quipped ;)

This post was written for Indiblogger, Pure Active Neem- My Pimple story. To know more about PureActive products and some great skin care tips, click here and here - and


  1. Great story... very well presented.. Thoroughly enjoyed... and you're looking superb :)
    All the best for contest!

  2. I loved this : "It is your Dowry" keep safe, I need them....I quipped ;)

    1. Awww..thank you Aayesha, I am glad that you liked it :)

  3. super read!
    But the video tops everything!!!
    GIRL , your life is not wasted, we might fix it don't worry, care for some green tea!!

  4. Great read... loved your expression in the video... :-D

    1. Thank You Mani.. I shot in jiffy, unplanned :)

  5. Awesome post! You look so cute in the video.


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