Review of The Tamara, a Resort in Coorg, India

Urbane Jungles, Concrete flows
Cement, the cement that everything endows
What life, what concern
but the rushing and gushing fury of the mob

Traffic lights and blows of a horn
In pulsating speed, life throes
hustle and bustle of concrete jungles
discern, I want to take the country roads

where there are peace and tranquility,
Moh Juste, nature, and vicinity
and peace osculate with serenity
I wish to retreat to those woods
no matter if they are dark and steep.

Let's travel those hills
tucked away in tranquil confines
Free from the commotion, tumult
To rejuvenate, heel and have my beauty sleep

City Life is lucrative, dynamic and Fast-moving. It offers great prospects for living, amenities, socializing, career movements and so on. However, it tends to get very demanding and often in the cacophony of its hustle and bustle, we lose solidarity with ourselves and ache for random moments of peace and absolute solitariness. Naah! I am not talking about turning hermit and descending to the Himalayas but certain moments of recluse and serenity help us recharge our batteries. And if that is done in the lap of nature? Ummm I can see the excitement on the mere proposal.

In the randomness of my busy corporate life between Metros like Delhi and Mumbai, when I got a call from The Tamara, Coorg a resort between the wood and greens, to come over for a romantic escapade at their 7-star luxury facility, I was pleasantly surprised. The invite was for a couple especially the ones who were recently married and according to them, I fit the bill. I presented this proposal to my husband and he consented to visit during the 2nd week of November, post-Diwali, during his birthday. We were newlywed and this invitation from Tamara to experience a honeymoon there was indeed apt. On my recommendation, Tamara extended this offer to another blogger couple from Mumbai. And then the trip was delayed by a month. [Disclaimer: I was solely approached by Tamara for the visit and the cost of transport was borne by self]

We finally visited Tamara in the month of December and unfortunately, given a non-negotiable regulators meeting, hubby had to step back and dad [in spite of his bad health and double travel] stepped in, given Tamara's insistence to not cancel my trip. I was in 2 minds when I started for the trip but given up on Tamara's insistence and hubby's support that if it's worth it, we may plan another one. I am glad that I have given up on Tamara's insistence and got to discover such a lovely place.

More about The Tamara, Coorg
Coorg is on the Western Ghats. Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. It lies on Karnataka's southwestern end, covering an area of 4,102 sq km. The resort is tucked away in the tranquil confines of a 170-acre coffee, cardamom, pepper, and honey plantation. The resort houses 56 luxury cottages, enveloped by hills, sparkling streams and lush greenery at 3,600 feet - 3,900 feet above sea level. The TamaraCoorg has recently been awarded the ‘Luxury Resort of the Year’ category in Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards organized by Luxury Travel Guide UK and has previously been awarded “THE Best Luxury Resort In South India”.  The resort offers a vast variety of cuisines, the design is unique as all the cottages are raised up on stilts, and the location is truly amazing. 

How to reach Tamara, Coorg
To reach Tamara from Mumbai, the best way is to take a Flight to Bangalore/Mangalore and from there go by road. We hired an Innova, to and fro, the resort to the airport. The best time to travel is the early morning. The worst time to travel posts twilight.

I landed at Bangalore Airport on a quiet and cold morning. Post-arrival of the vehicle, we soon embarked on the road trip through the dust and travails of majestic Karnataka. As we left the city limits, we subrogated the cacophony of heavy traffic behind with a peaceful and quiet resort, in the woods. The topsy-turvy road, laden with bunches of colorful flowers, the aroma of local cuisine, freshly brewed coffee to the ensconcing glory and greenery of Tamara was altogether a lovely experience. You know when you can hear the dissonance of vehicles vanishing down and the uprising of the chirping of birds and a scintillating rustling of leaves, you feel blissful and that is the first and very important step to rejuvenate and rekindle yourself.  Rekindle your love, your peace, your body with soul and above all rekindle your LIFE.

My first experience at Tamara-
Like I mentioned how the surrounding and greengage has won me over. To nature lover me, the resort was like creating a dream and then habituating it. Tamara offered as a perfect place to detox yourself. It was straight out of my book of "lazying out and penning poems". Tamara is picturesque, beautiful, vast, full of life. While I saw a newlywed honeymoon couple there and missed my husband. I also found that a lot of families were visiting that pristine resort but sans kids. Kids below age 12 are not allowed at Resort and to me, it was weird given that 8 years is a decent age bar than 12 years. There were certainly other things that I found unfriendly about The Tamara and one of them was- improper guest servicing at the bar. I paid for a drink that I didn't ask for, nor wished to drink, neither drank and was offered in the house.

While I don't care a fiddlestick for the drink cost but it was a "hospitality" low down for me. If the staff offers you "on house" glass of drink and confirms it too but the next day, the manager Virendra comes to remind of a pending payment in a way that is considered arrogant. The other hospitality Faux Pas for me was the initial unavailability of spa and that was offered initially as a honeymoon couple, and the rooms proposed were different than the room finally allocated, which I believe was less of staff's issue. Nevertheless, the hospitality overall was indeed wonderful and all the people around including the marketing Key person who traveled down to meet me and took his precious time to take me through the concept and other relevant details of the beautiful place. 

Well my rendezvous with The Tamara, Coorg does not end here. I wanted to spend some more time at the resort and promised myself to return later, maybe this time via Mangalore route that reaches Coorg faster. UP next and coming soon is my further picture review and experience at the Resort that in spite of quite some odds, still makes The Tamara, Coorg a listed place to visit and Recommend. Stay tuned to the HauteKutir blog for more updates.

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Happy reading and selfless loving.
Till then Ciao
Haute Kutir


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I was exclusively invited by The Tamara, Coorg to stay and review the resort. While I have extended this facility to other bloggers, the invitation was non-commercial.


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    1. Pack your bags, the Tamara awaits you :)

  2. Replies
    1. And the wood beckons rejuvenation!

  3. Seems to be a lovely property but poor in their marketing/sales skills?

    1. Its a lovely property. Yes, marketing could be improved. I met one person from marketing who came exclusively to receive us and found him quite good.


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