Oriflame The One - Eye liner Stylo Black

Oriflame needs no introduction. The Swedish, direct selling giant has recently launched "The one" range of Make-up essentials. 

Pre launch, the brand has reached me to participate in their exclusive review program along with other bloggers. Owing to my personal commitment [as I got married that time] and official commitment, I have to excused myself for time being, while promising them to try their range later. Well you cannot resist Oriflame, especially after trying their other products including the Toner that has become a quintessential part of my daily regime.

I have been using other Oriflame products including primer, loose powder extra and now, I am ready to share my experience with you all. Let's begin with "Oriflame The One- Eye Liner in Stylo Black".

Oriflame The One- Eye Liner in Stylo Black
For me, eye liner is one essential part of my dressing and is quite close to my heart. I can do without make up but a simple eye liner is a must. I have been quite conservative in my choice of eye-liners and baring 2-3 brands, haven't gone experimental much. With Oriflame it was different and hence I excluded myself from the "paid-collaboration" so that I can do a review that's just right and fair. Gladly, the brand appreciated that

My experience: I was kicked about trying this pen out and took it on my Dubai trip. Initially I did not like the pen tip applicator and felt like using a sketch pen on the eye lids. Shaping was another issue and I found the eye-liner a little too tough to remove. I was not very inclined to use it and switched back to my usual brush style applicator. Another try and then I started getting used to the product and using the tip for drawing desirable outline, wasn't a big issue. I have using it since then. 

The Stylo pen is priced at Rs 499 for 8 ml and comes in two color- Blue and Black. I have used black for this review. While using the product, I was scared of developing any rashes on my eyelids, as I have a very sensitive skin and eye is something that I do not like to experiment. However, the product did not give me any jitters and was extreme safe to use.

What I liked-
  • It is neat and smudge free applicator
  • The color is really bright and long stay
  • Easy to carry pack
  • Easy to maneuver and draw different eye-liners from normal to winged to catty eyes
  • Dries off pretty fast and very easy to use
  • No irritation
What I did not liked-
  • It does not wash off easily
  • Gives a high sketchy feeling
  • The Product availability is limited and cannot be easily accessible given the DSA mode
  • The price could have been better to bring higher market penetration
Haute Kutir Verdict- I know many women who struggle with their eye liners. Guess this product will be very handy for them. I liked that it is smudge proof and stays deep longer than a lot of popular brands including Lakme which fades away in a single, soft rub. It is easy to use and easy to carry. If the sketch pen feeling doesn't bother you much, go for it. After all, eye liners are quickest way to add that extra glam to your look. Price notwithstanding, buy from the brands that worth your eyes and take proper care of it. Oriflame seems to be one of them.

Do I recommend to others? Yes.


  1. Cool stuff. Lovely review:)

    1. Thanks Vishal, Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon.


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