L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Range- Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor

If you want to know how to Paint the world #Red, ask cosmetic major L'Oreal Paris which started the New Year 2015 with a #Bang, with the launch of its unique new collection- Colour Riche Collection Star Range. A Rouge for every woman. The range comprises of 7 exquisite matte shades chosen and flaunted by 7 iconic L'Oreal Paris Ambassadors.

More about the Collection-
The Collection is created with a revolutionary and innovative formula that delivers Bold, Luscious colour that lasts for "6 hours". This ultimate beauty indulgence collection is enriched with New Light Illum Complex that delivers a rich matte effect.The Velvet Fusion capsules and Ultra Gliding Shine Oils provide the smooth and silky application. Pure pigments deliver intense colour and Jojoba oil gives perfect hydration up to 4 hours. [Source: Brand Release]

If You are not Red, You are Sad

Red is the colour of festivity, Red is colour of cheer
No wonder that for women
why Red is so Dear

Well, I have been a person of "minimal makeup" including "nude looks". Every time I get supplies of world cosmetics from my family across the globe especially from the USA, I used to pick the nudest, natural and matte stuff and discard/ giveaway the rest. Oh No, no..I loved playing with colours but not on my face. Now Bored with my "all pinks", post marriage, I tried to experiment with more colours and what could be better than L'Oreal that has been one of the favourite brands since school. [Yes School! No thanks to family settled abroad, I got an early exposure to best skin care brands and probably that upped my expectations]

Not keeping my excitement withheld, when I learned about the launch, I jumped the "bandwagon" to try out the new shade[s]. Selecting one out of 7 of the best is a difficult task. I will be reviewing the Pure Garnet, By Sonam

Review of Color Riche Pure Garnet, Collection star by Sonam
I could not help being biased and picked up the colour that is endorsed by one of my account[s] Sonam [Sorry Ash, you have to wait].

Product: The lip colour is Bold Burgandy in shade with dark undertones of wines as a dominant colour. The shade is super pigmented and goes quite well with Indian Skin Tones.  I found the shade quite vibrant and is best suited for occasion wear like Cocktail parties, wedding etc. 

The staying power is quite good and the brand's claim to have it last long about 6 hours is underrated as in my case it stayed all through the day, say around 8 hours in spite of dining, drinking water, beverages and talking. Presto, I did not ..name I need not have to do any touch up for the whole day.

I loved the creamy texture, awesome pigmentation and hydrating factor. The lipstick easily glides on your lips

Price: Rs 995 for 4.2 gms

Packaging: It came in a beautiful black case with the autograph of celebrity endorser embossed on it. The shade name is given at bottom and makes it easy to check before applying. The same goes with the shade colour displayed on the external side of lippie case in small square shape.

What I liked-
  • The creamy texture
  • Pigmentation and long stay
  • Hydrating effect
  • The beautiful, easy to identify packaging
  • Easy to apply
What I did not like much:
  • Price
  • The Bullet
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Haute Kutir Verdict: I loved the L'Oreal Collection Star concept and the colours. Overall, I loved the product, the texture and the great staying power without chapping your lips like the Lakme 9 to 5 Range does to you. L'Oreal has always been one of my most favourite brands given its compatibility with my skin and taste. It is a definite "MustHave for me and I would like to try other shades like Pure Fire, Pure Brick or Pure Rouge to see how well they go with my skin and if they are equally good or just that Pure Garnet is the lone standing star. However, I found the price on a higher side given the variety of brands in the market and a woman's perpetual trust to buy new shades even if she already has a similar one in the closet and may not use as frequent. 

If you can ignore the price, then L'Oreal Paris Pure Reds Color Riche Star Collection, brilliantly aims at defining the women today. It is bold but same time classy and sophisticated. Given the wedding season, it makes a great pick. Do not worry if you are "worth" or not, the product is indeed "worthy of you". So go ahead and indulge in Pure Riche Collection Star.

I recommend it Totally!!
My Overall Rating: 4.75/5 
So,  time to be Classy and Bold
No matter who you are,
Women, you worth Gold!

Adding a little glamour is not bad
If you are not Red,
You are Sad

Disclaimer: Samples provided by brand but review is completely personal opinion basis usage and experience

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