Go Sleek with Asus EeeBook X205TA

Life is moving at high decibels and times are changing. With times, our needs and lifestyle also changes. More becomes Less and Less becomes More. Why spare technology in that case?

Well, I am a full time professional, a wife and a "at leisure" blogger. For me connectivity is very important. I need to be connected 24X7. It is not just about being connected but also about "ease of connectivity, convenience and performance". They say- Convenience and performance comes with a huge price Tag. I say- it comes with good looks and quality as well. They say- you can't have all.

However, New age computing brand Asus thinks otherwise and thinks "possible". Hence it keeps on introducing new stuff to cater to every one's need. So when Indiblogger, in association with Asus asked me to Go Sleek, basis my need, my lifestyle and state which gadgets do I prefer between ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040I could not stop checking both of them on Flipkart and Amazon. I could not afford to spare a moment and pinned down what I need. I liked the Sleek and Powerful Asus EeeBook X205TA to suit my lifestyle and need for connectivity.
Source: Flipkart

Asus EeeBook X205TA
I quick browsing of the features across the detailed layout at Flipkart website, had made me liked a certain features that enabled my decision. The features that I liked are-

1) First of all, it goes with out saying- Its SLEEK! The Ultra Thin design, the premium design, incredible design with streamlined curves and a "tactile finish"

2) Light weight- At under 1kg, this is an unbelievably light and compact device

3) The Price! Priced at Rs 14999, it is a steal.
Source: Flipkart

4) The Storage, RAM : The 2GB DDR3 RAM is not just the bare minimum that I look for in my device but it is a #Must to have feature that I use to select a lot of my gadget. Asus Eeebook has it, hence qualified

5) Windows 8.1 : NO matter what, I am still a windows fan given the ease of usage the OS provides. Besides Microsoft Office 365 i.e. cloud computing is pre installed with 1 year subscription. So I can sync all my files across my devices and access them instantly anywhere, anytime.

6) Optimized battery- I always insisted that "Smartphones" are often "dumb" as they cannot make good of their battery life. Given my bad battery experience with Lenovo X2 Vibe, I look for better battery feedback before buying a device. Asus Eeebook with 2 cell battery that claims to be equipped t provide 12 hours of battery life is a desirable feature that gets your interest in this device even deeper and stronger
 12 hrs web browsing | 13 Hr Music Playing | 11 HR Video Playing

Isn't it all cool? Oh you must be wondering, operating processor. Well it is Powered by Intel Atom processor. With Intel Inside and Sleek Design Outside, which side of color would you be?
That brings me to attractive range of colors that it comes in. My favorite is Red!

I also liked it's "Smooth Multi tasking" and "low noise" claim. Rest I shall be able to suggest post seeing the device and experiencing it personally. Yes, it is yet to be launched but you can book it at Flipkart.

So to sum up, Aus EeeBook X205TA is - Simple, versatile and Powerful

And that makes it droolworthy and noteworthy product to buy. At least for me and my "On the Go" Computing needs.

You can go through their details and form factor at flipkart. 

Do suggest your view, your favorite feature here.









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